All you need to know about Google+ authorship for SEO

When it comes to creating an online organisation for authors, copy writers and readers alike Google+ Authorship is taking the lead. The newest addition to Google+ features allows online authors and content contributors to link all of their content back to their Google+ profile, mapping online content and encouraging readers to discover new and relevant articles online.

The feature encourages authors to connect with Google+ in a bid to make it simpler for their readers to find more of their content as well as information about them and the sites they write for.

Authorship also provides users with a new Google algorithm which ranks authors in Google listings taking into account reader response, ‘likes’ and comments and also posting head shots of them of the search engine results page. The new analytics feature allows you to see how your content stacks up in Google searches, enabling you to better distinguish and validate your content in search results.

In addition to improving your search rankings Google claims Authorship will help online writers to gain a larger Google+ following whilst assisting and encouraging readers to discover more of your content on the web, while personalised author pages can drive readers to your business site.

An author page describes and identifies the author, and can include other links to content and business sites. Aside from helping writers to publicise their content Google+ also aims to help readers find high quality and relevant content on the web, empowering authors and readers to engage through Google+ and driving the right kind of traffic to your site.

So basically, if you are a content creator who cares about establishing online authority, creating a strong online audience and driving more traffic to your site you need a Google+ account.

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