Bing Ads Certified Professionals

The SEO Works are paid advertising specialists and hold the Bing accreditation for paid advertising via the Bing Ads Certified search network.

The SEO Works are Bing Ads Certified and accredited

Get the most out of your spend

As a Bing Ads Accredited Professional, we know how to get the most of ad spend, so our clients gain more from their marketing budget. We can help clients start brand new campaigns in Bing, increase their Bing Ads proficiency through proactive optimisation, and offer complete Bing Ads reporting and know-how.

Competitive Advantage

Whilst Google holds a dominant market share for PPC campaigns, that doesn’t mean that Bing should not be an option. A business should complete due diligence and consider other PPC networks like the Bing Network. This may be able to create a competitive advantage over some of your competitors.

There are over 150+ million users of the Bing network, and that a little over 45 million users only use Bing and never Google. On average, Bing Network’s cost per click is anywhere between 50 and 70% less than Google AdWords and there is 36% less competition.

Flexible advertising

Additionally with Bing ads network the approval of the ads occurs much quicker, almost immediately, as opposed to Google which can take several days. In terms of ad creation there is more flexibility, such as less strict rulings on capital letters and punctuation compared with the stricter guidelines of Google. There is also more classification of ads based on gender and devices.

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