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Google My Business Guide: How to Optimise Your Listing

Creating a Google My Business profile is a great way to attract new customers to your business through Google search and maps, especially if you are a local business. In this guide, we will cover what a Google My Business profile is, why you need one, what features you can optimise, and how to connect…

Date posted: 27/03/2023

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Top Tips for Writing Great Search Ads

Imagine for a moment that you’re launching a new product. You’ve put in years of work and there’s a lot of excitement internally about the launch. You know people search Google for related products, so you create a search campaign targeting relevant terms. So far, so good! You work through Google’s wizard-driven steps. You add…

Date posted: 13/03/2023

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Duplicate Content in SEO: Causes, Fixes and Best Practices

What is duplicate content in SEO? The term duplicate content means the same (or very similar) content is on more than one webpage, most typically appearing on the same website in different places. As content is a core pillar in your marketing and SEO strategy, it is also one of the most important factors search…

Date posted: 27/02/2023

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How To Improve Ecommerce SEO: 10 Ecommerce SEO Tips For Beginners

Ecommerce and online retail is big business, but it can be incredibly competitive. In order to help your website stand out from the crowd and grow you may have considered using a range of different digital marketing methods such as paid advertising and digital PR. But what about Ecommerce SEO? Ecommerce SEO is a great…

Date posted: 10/02/2023

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Redefining Ethical SEO: Beyond ‘White Hat’ Tactics

When marketers consider ethical SEO, they usually think about how they’re adhering to (or going against) Google guidelines. Typically, the focus is on what Google deems to be right and wrong, and how you’ll be penalised if you take part in forbidden activities. Google is seen as the ultimate authority – the only compass for…

Date posted: 01/02/2023

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The Beginners Guide to Google Tag Manager for SEO

Google Tag Manager is an essential tool for website owners, website managers and SEO professionals. It provides a simplified route to implement code onto a site without the need for a developer, or specialist coding knowledge. Whilst Google Tag Manager is not a replacement for developers, it can be used for simple implementations such as…

Date posted: 11/01/2023

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2023 in Digital

As the world’s population crossed the eight billion mark, the digital world grew even more rapidly. As of the end of 2022, more than five billion people are on the internet, and over four and a half billion use some form of social media.  The global pandemic temporarily put more distance between us, and the…

Date posted: 12/12/2022

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What is a featured snippet?

A snippet box can make a searcher’s life easier by showing them a concise answer to their query. The idea is that users can skim the snippet to get a basic understanding of a topic or a solution to their question without having to scroll all the way through a search results page. Featured snippets…

Date posted: 09/12/2022

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