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Can SEO Help Reduce Your Website’s Carbon Footprint?

Many people assume that the internet is largely eco-friendly. However, while accessing content online reduces the usage of resources like paper, websites, for the most part, are not carbon neutral.  In fact, the internet and websites have a very real environmental impact – regardless of whether we can see it or not. It is reported…

Date posted: 16/03/2022

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The Best Digital Jobs In The UK According To Data

According to a report commissioned by the UK government, 82% of job openings advertised online across the UK require digital skills. The same study attributes a 29% higher salary and a 59% reduced risk of redundancy (due to automation-led obsolescence) for these digital jobs. Not only does this illustrate the importance of digital skills –…

Date posted: 11/03/2022

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How to Measure Digital PR: A Data-Driven Approach

The beauty of digital marketing is that everything can be measured. With SEO, you can measure organic search rankings and the resulting organic traffic and conversions. With PPC, you can measure cost per click, cost per conversion, and return on investment. With email marketing you can measure open rates, click through, and revenue. Almost every…

Date posted: 08/03/2022

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Spotlight on Aleyda Solis – International Women’s Day

When searching for inspirational women in SEO, Aleyda Solis has to rank near the top.  On International Women’s Day in 2021, we asked our team which women in the industry inspire them… there was one name that came up a lot! Aleyda Solis has had a huge positive impact on our team, and this year…

Date posted:

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YouTube SEO

YouTube is one of the world’s biggest search engines. Utilising it for your business can build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and even generate direct sales. YouTube SEO can help make sure your video content is more visible, more accessible, and most importantly gets you more views. If you’re interested in other ways…

Date posted: 17/02/2022

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Using Videos for SEO

Videos can be a powerful tool to engage with your audience, present information and enhance your offering. But videos can also be used for SEO – search engine optimisation. They can help to drive traffic to your website and improve a user’s experience. Want to learn more about using videos to improve visibility? Read our…

Date posted: 16/02/2022

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How to Make Your Website Accessible

Whether you’re an eCommerce business owner, website designer, SEO or marketing manager, you need to know about website accessibility. It ensures that your website can be used by everyone.  22% of the UK population have a disability. While there are legal reasons to make your website accessible, there are also massive commercial benefits. Accessibility ensures…

Date posted: 31/01/2022

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The SEO Works Partner with Wessex Distillery to Create Branded Gin

This year, we decided to spread the Christmas cheer by partnering with a gin distillery to create our very own “The SEO Works” branded gin bottles. Our partners, Wessex Distillery, helped us by designing and creating amazing branded Christmas gins complete with our logo, brand messaging and signature green for the bottle glass.   Creating branded…

Date posted: 21/01/2022

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2022 in Digital

At the beginning of 2021, despite a world of uncertainty, we cast our eyes forward to what the coming year would bring for the world of digital. One year on, and with uncertainty still very much present, we are going to do the same. We spoke to some of our senior leadership team about what…

Date posted: 07/01/2022

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