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The SEO Works rated a Global top 1000 company

As a company committed to giving our clients the best service possible, The SEO Works is excited to announce that we are featured in the Clutch 1000, an exclusive list of top rated companies from all over the world. This exclusive list of leading organizations helps businesses seeking to invest in marketing, IT, development, or…

Date posted: 05/12/2018

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Link Metrics: Why They’re Only Indicators

There are a lot of different metrics that aim to signify the relative strength of a page or domain, particularly in relation to whether that page or domain is “good” or “bad” [for receiving a link from]. When discovering that these various metrics exist, you will likely ask one or both of the following questions:…

Date posted: 21/11/2018

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Google Rolls out Google Discover on Mobile

Google Discover Roll Out Last year Google introduced Google Feed to surface relevant content to mobile users. Dramatic growth has seen more than 800 million people each month use the feed to stay up to date with their interests and hobbies online. On September 24, Google announced that Google feed will be replaced by Google…

Date posted: 05/11/2018

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The SEO Works Wins GlobalTrend Marketing Award

The SEO Works is delighted to have won recognition in the GlobalTrend Awards. The GlobalTrend Awards is an international competition for digital professionals involved in the concept, end execution of marketing and communications. “Each year, we celebrate the superb work of industry veterans and emerging talents from all over the world,” said Kenjo Ong, President…

Date posted: 17/10/2018

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Google Algorithm Update – September 2018

 “Small” Google Algorithm Update Announced On the back of the so-called “medic” Google Algorithm Update in August, Google has announced further changes to its algorithm. Danny Sullivan, one of the search advisors at Google, confirmed these changes when asked about them over Twitter. Danny tweeted through his account that the core Google Algorithm is “updated all…

Date posted: 09/10/2018

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Google Clears Up Anchor Text Confusion

Does Anchor Text Effect Site Rankings? In a recent Google Hangout session, John Mueller, Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, discussed if anchor text can directly affect a site’s rankings. Good internal linking practices have always been seen as a basic component of SEO and anchor text is a large part of this. What is Anchor…

Date posted: 10/09/2018

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What are assisted conversions and why are they important?

PPC advertising has never been a standalone medium when it comes to generating leads and sales for an organisation. Pay-per-click campaigns use a “last click” conversion model, regardless of the medium – whether that be Facebook, Google, Bing, Linkedin or Twitter (to name a few). A last click model assigns 100% credit to the final…

Date posted: 04/09/2018

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The SEO Works rated a top SEO Consultant in the UK

Based in London, Leeds and Sheffield, The SEO Works team isn’t just your group of average online marketers. We pride ourselves on offering digital solutions that get you more customers and visibility online through targeted digital marketing strategies. Our marketing expertise complements our commitment to excellent customer service, which helps separate us from the crowd…

Date posted: 03/09/2018

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Google Launches New Voice Search Markup

Google Release New Voice Search Schema Google have launched a new voice search or “speakable” structured data to adapt to the rise in voice search. This structured data is code which can be added to your content to mark up sections which may be most relevant to be read aloud by a digital assistant. This is…

Date posted: 07/08/2018

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