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Garden cabin PPC

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226% revenue growth

30:1 return on ad spend

133% increase in return


Arctic Cabins, a family-run business manufacturing BBQ Cabins and garden rooms in the UK, faced online challenges due to increased competition and stagnant sales. They approached The SEO Works to help increase revenue and conversions with a comprehensive PPC solution.


We identified key demographics and market trends to target audiences effectively.

We analysed existing campaigns and restructured the account to focus on more profitable areas, maximising reach with relevant search terms.

Audience targeting was refined by introducing first-party data to target returning customers. This helped tailor messaging for customers in every stage of the purchase funnel.

Display and video campaigns were introduced to expand market share and reach new customers.

Ongoing A/B testing was performed to maximise effectiveness and ROI.


This approach led to significant growth for Arctic Cabins. Revenue increased 226.6% with only a 40% increase in spend. This led to an overall ROAS (return on ad spend) of 30:1, an increase of 133.2%.