The NHS North West Core Surgical Department oversees training in all of the recognised surgical specialities and is responsible for 637 surgical trainees across the Greater Manchester, Cheshire & Mersey and Cumbria and Lancashire Region. They recognised that to improve their training process, an online solution was required for their students.


The healthcare website design enables trainees to login and access educational material, a diary of events and a calendar of classes to help with their development as surgical staff. Learning modules offer a virtual classroom style approach with open discussions, feedback, scoring and ratings. The platform was developed to be mobile-responsive so that students could use the system wherever they are.


This was the first website of its kind for surgical trainees to be rolled out as a standard level of educational resource for the UK trainees. Our partnership with the NHS has resulted in a large amount of time being saved within the Postgraduate Support team. We are currently developing our system to be utilised throughout the NHS, for all trainees to have this resource and a means of bettering their involvement, interaction and improvement as junior doctors.

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