An award winning Medical SEO campaign for a top health information site, turbocharging organic traffic.

Medical SEO

Google is now often the first place we turn with medical queries. Figures suggest over 75% of us have entered a medical question into Google in the past year looking for information and advice. This gives healthcare practitioners a huge opportunity to increase local brand awareness and patient bookings. Medical Website Design, Medical SEO, or Medical PPC for doctors, dentists, and other healthcare establishments can deliver organic growth to drive your business forward.

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1,066 new number one rankings

4,965 new first page rankings

4 times the organic traffic over 2 years


To improve organic traffic to a leading health and medical site with over a million pages.


In order to boost the number of visitors from search engines, we had to find out what people were actually searching for. We conducted regular keyword research to find the exact wording of the search queries relevant to the Patient site, ensuring we attract the site’s target audience, creating a medical SEO strategy to get results.

Then, using the site’s natural strength, we used our expertise to successfully optimise the entire website for these carefully chosen phrases, which in term increased visits from Google searches.


When we started the campaign, the site received 5,250,000 visits from organic searches per month. Two years later that number dramatically increased to 19,000,000 visits per month. The campaign was such a success that it won the the Best B2C Campaign at the Drum Search Awards.