Reducing cost per conversion for a premium branded men’s underwear and swimwear retailer.

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99% increase in online transactions

59% fall in cost per acquisition

7:1 return on ad spend


UnderU is a national premium branded men's underwear & men's swimwear online retailer. They asked us to focus on increasing revenue, decreasing cost per conversion due to tight margins, and increasing return on ad spend (ROAS).


Bid adjustments played a significant part in reducing cost per acquisition for UnderU. Due to tight margins, each bid adjustment was carefully planned out before being applied to the account. This meant that conversions could increase but cost per conversion would stay within the target amount.

We then identified the highest value and best performing products via shopping, which allowed us to then to create additional network campaigns focusing on increasing revenue and return.

Gmail ads, remarketing and RLSA campaigns were also used to re-engage high value past purchasers with offers and discounts, increasing conversions further.


UnderU saw a huge increase in online transactions, with an increase of 99.8% compared to the previous 6 months activity. With this work, cost per acquisition has decreased by 59% and return on ad spend has increased from 2:1 to 7:1.

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