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Free PPC Audit

We’re a certified Google Partner for all paid search channels, and we’ve developed a free PPC audit designed to optimise your PPC performance.

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The free PPC Audit will show you where and how we can improve your account. You will receive a free report outlining your PPC performance and the hidden potential of your PPC account.

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What is the free PPC Audit?

The free PPC Audit is a tool we have developed that assesses your current Google Ads campaign. It takes into account the budget management, bid optimisation, hour and day of account performance, network and device usage, and potential wasted spend.

Within minutes of taking the test you will receive a detailed PPC audit report, including:

What can I expect to get from the free PPC Audit?

In the report you’ll see a detailed breakdown – see some examples below:

Overall opportunity for improvement

We’ll give an overall performance percentage improvement estimate.

Free PPC Audit screenshot 1

Budget Management and Distribution

We’ll also look into detail at your budget and bid management, including allocation and distribution – with an estimate of how many additional conversions per month you might expect with better allocation of the same budget.

Free PPC Audit screenshot 6

Conversion peaks and troughs

We’ll assess conversions based on hour and day, uncovering your best times for conversions and when you should be showing ads at your peak.

Free PPC Audit screenshot 5

Wasted ad spend

We’ll dig into wasted spend – uncovering underperforming keywords and where your campaigns are over spending based on performance.

Free PPC Audit screenshot 4

Network and Device performance

We’ll look at your performance across devices, suggesting where optimisations can be made by network and device.

Free PPC Audit screenshot 3

Conversions by demographics and location

Finally we’ll assess conversion performance by gender, age, and location.

Free PPC Audit screenshot 2

What information do you need from me to conduct the free PPC Audit?

You will need to connect your Google Ads account to our audit tool, and give permission for the tool to access your current campaign. Don’t worry – it won’t make any amends to your account, this is a read-only process to benchmark your current performance. Just follow the link we provide to start the free PPC audit. This will start the audit process and you will just need to approve it.

How long will the free PPC Audit take?

It generally takes a minute or so to let our data intelligence software undertake it’s analysis. Depending on the size of your PPC account, the free PPC Audit can take a few minutes.

Get instant, actionable insights on your current PPC performance – take the Audit now.