Getting an optimised Youtube Channel

Youtube search is indexed like any other search engine and a few tricks and tips can help make sure your video content more visible, more accessible, and most importantly gets you more views.

Begin with the title of your video; it has to be both appealing to the viewer and representative of what your video is displaying. YouTube works on a complex algorithm where negative response (turning off a video part way through, dislikes, negative comments) can cause a decline in views over time. Your title needs to be concise, descriptive and not misleading; if you use relevant keywords you are likely to see a potential rise in views.

Your video description needs to be similarly to the point (you can only see the first few lines). Include relevant, search-driven keywords that will help optimise your videos. Attach video tags with both specific keywords and general tags. Links to external sites can be attached in the description and this can be useful for directing traffic to your actual website.

Annotations are unique to Youtube and are the text boxes that pop up whilst you watch videos. Avoid obstructing video content and bombarding the viewer with these annotations and they can prove a useful tool for shifting viewers on to other content and external sites. Also consider thumbnails; they appear in the right column with just a title and image. Choose thumbnails that display quality images and they act as a marketing poster for your video and ultimately your product.

Create a strong channel name and channel description and make data and branding consistent and organised into clear sections. Having a formulated Youtube channel will give plenty of solid, rich metadata that will promote your site. Little things like captioning your videos and getting subscribers to your channel will help give you a wider reach. It can also be useful to localise your content so you can begin to hone in on your specific target audience.

Youtube Analytics gives an invaluable insight into viewing and at SEO Works we use this to routinely make changes to content based on proven analytical key reports. Understanding metadata defaults within Youtube allows us to optimise your channel, corresponding to more specialised hits.

Social media is becoming increasingly important for businesses and we have experience successfully launching and managing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube pages.

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