Google’s new Green “Ad” Label to go global

After undergoing testing to see if a colour change to the Google “Ad” label would make a difference to the user experience, Google have officially changed the ”Ad” label colour from yellow to green. Google users may have noticed the change of colour in recent months as Google looked to improve the look and feel of the search results page.


Despite the “Ad” labels now appearing as the same colour as the display URL alongside the label making it blend in more, Google claims to have studied if the colour change had an impact on users being able to distinguish the difference between paid and organic listings and found none.

Even with the colour change, Google still manages to be more visible than Bing, Yahoo and the Sponsored label used on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

The new label is set to be seen across all devices globally so if you haven’t witnessed the change yet, it will be along to your device soon.