Google Algorithm Update – September 2018

 “Small” Google Algorithm Update Announced

On the back of the so-called “medic” Google Algorithm Update in August, Google has announced further changes to its algorithm. Danny Sullivan, one of the search advisors at Google, confirmed these changes when asked about them over Twitter.

Danny tweeted through his account that the core Google Algorithm is “updated all the time,” which is something we already knew. He went on to confirm there had not been a “major update” but that a smaller change had been implemented. 


Although Danny referred to the changes as small, many people have experienced large fluctuations in their rankings from a range of different sectors. 

Google has released little information on the details of these changes, but many industry experts are speculating that it could be associated with the previous “medic update” (which occurred on August 9th).

The table below, shared by Rank Ranger, shows how different industries have been impacted by the update:


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