Google My Business – A Small Business Hub

Google have had many attempts to make themselves more appealing to small businesses and to make it easier for them to have an online presence, but is Google My Business the Holy Grail?

Previous attempts have included Google Local, Google + Local and Google Places; all of which were fine but seemed to be lacking in something. There has always been a feeling that Google have just papered over the cracks of previous ‘solutions’ instead of creating a space that actually works for small businesses.

But Google My Business is designed to bring all this together and allow small (and large) businesses to manage their analytics, adwords, social media and Google profile all in one handy place.

Google My Business allows users to manage everything in one place, perfect for small businesses who don’t have time to spend hours setting up profiles here there and everywhere when they could be running their business and making money.

It gives you access to your Google+ profile, so you can manage your social campaign. You can also create a ‘virtual tour’ of your business and update it’s details in Google search and on Google maps, so your customers will always be able to access your details and see inside the store.

Importantly, it gives you business management tools as well as simply social sharing options; allowing you to connect your analytics and adwords. This means you can monitor your traffic, page visits and all the other valuable pieces of data, in the same space you can share your latest news on social media.

This is a big deal for Google, no more the constant flicking between tabs and creating complex desktop arrangements to try and view everything at once. Google have at last made a simple tool, that is easy for any business owner to understand and use to their advantage.

Users of Google Places for business will be automatically upgraded to Google My Business, so there’s no need to go looking for how to upgrade but if you weren’t on Places you can sign up here.

There’s also an app available for Android and iOS, although Google have not yet announced a release date. Having all this information and access in one hub on a desktop is impressive; but having it all on the move on a mobile app is absolutely astounding and could transform the way many businesses handle their online profile.