Google Expanded Text Ads Go Live

More changes have arrived for Google as the search engine officially launches expanded text ads which allows for double headlines in ads. Responsive display ads have also rolled out after their announcement at the Google Performance Summit back in May this year.

The new expanded text ads allow users to include two headlines with up to 30 characters each plus a description of up to 80 characters. The extra copy gives mobile users more information with Google saying click through rates increased by 20 percent in early testing.

However, some limitations have been found for desktop users with the now 60 character count for headlines being shortened if Google doesn’t wrap the headline. There is an ad preview tool available for advertisers to check how the ads will appear before launching which should avoid any unexpected cuts to the headlines.

Responsive Display Ads

Responsive display ads are also rolling out where Google will auto-generate using information provided by the advertiser. This includes a 25 character and a 90 character headline, a 90 character description, an image and a landing page URL.

Once available, advertisers can set up responsive ads in the +Ad menu in Google Adwords.