Google introduces trending searches and instant answers for iOS app

Google have now introduced trending searches and instant answers for its iOS app. The screenshot below shows how trending searches (left) and instant answers (right) will display for iOS users:

IOS app

This means that on its iPhone and iPad app Google will now recommend searches for users based on popular recent searches in the user’s area – bringing even more focus on topical news stories or for local businesses who want to appear relevant while a user is out and about.

Instant answers mean that for some searches Google will display the answer to a question in the search suggestions, saving the user from having to actually complete their search or click on one of the search results to find the information. This makes sense in the mobile space as it improves the user experience.

Searchers can also give feedback on the quality instant answers by swiping left and choosing the ‘info’ icon.

Both features had previously been introduced for Android devices but this is their first appearance on iOS.