Google release new Search Analytics Report feature for Webmaster Tools

Google has launched the Search Analytics Report within Webmaster Tools as a long-term replacement for the Search Queries report.

Although the new tool, which is currently in Beta, inherently fulfils the same purpose, it provides a far greater amount of functionality in terms of the data it collects and how that data can be viewed by the user. The new filtering options are arguably the most important addition, since they allow you to break the numbers down into specific categories; the device(s) your website is being viewed on, where in the world your traffic is coming from, and which specific pages are generating the most interest.

In the announcement post on the Webmaster Blog, Google stated that ‘Search Analytics allows you to really dig deeper into your traffic analysis and helps you make the best decisions for your website’s performance.’ It certainly seems as though this is case, and the report will be of particular interest to any sites with a large international audience, or for anyone who wants to compare traffic before and after the mobile-friendly update to Google’s search algorithm last month.

More than ever before, business owners and individuals alike are going to be able to tailor their website to specific sections of their audience. A blogger could refine their content and create a more personalised experience for their readers; a retail outlet could make considerations for expansion having discovered a sizable customer base in a particular country.

However, for the majority of users, it will be a way of simply monitoring the status quo on a more detailed level. How exactly Google will continue to shape the Search Analytics Report with regards to user feedback remains to be seen, but based on the current response, the tool appears to have been well-received.