New “Mobile Friendly Tool” Released by Google

iphone and ipad on a wooden desk with Google search on the screens

Google have released a new tool to help users test whether a website is mobile friendly.

With mobile devices now accounting for over 50% of all search queries in Google globally, it’s now more important than ever to make sure your site is as accessible to mobile and tablet users as it is for desktop users.

Google made their stance on this clear last year with the release of the mobile friendly algorithm, which targets sites that are difficult to access from mobile and tablet devices.

If your website is not correctly optimised for mobile devices and tablets your site could be making your user experience a nightmare for users and losing search rankings.

The tool itself works by analysing the site and making sure it’s design and content can be correctly accessed by mobile and tablet users.

Your website will pass the test if it is complies with Google’s mobile accessibility criteria. However if the site fails, it will give the full details of what needs to be fixed in order to become compliant.

The tool is currently in development but you can still use it to test your own website.

To find out how more about making your site accessible to users across all devices, contact us.