Google My Business Promotes Message This Business

Google emphasises ‘Message this Business’ in a new local search test.

While Google launched the ‘messaging’ function within Google my Business back in July 2017, it has recently become apparent that Google is seeking out and testing new ways to further promote this feature to searchers. It seems so far, that the way in which they intend to do this is by enlarging the ‘message’ button.

So… What does this new ‘Message’ button look like?

For those in the ‘test’ and therefore able to see this new and improved ‘message’ button, it might look something like this, as posted by Search Engine Land columnist, Joy Hawkins.

Google My Business message button

What if my Google My Business message button doesn’t look like this?

If you are not in the ‘test’ and are struggling to remember what the original ‘message’ button looks like, it is located as an icon next to call, directions, visit website etc and other call-to-action. See below for an example.

Google my Business message button


Why does emphasis on a new ‘Message’ button matter?

If this larger, more emphasised ‘message’ button is fully rolled out by Google, within the local panel and it is used by a substantial amount of business, customers may expect your business to be using it too. Maintaining and managing messages within Google my Business is becoming easier and easier. For example, it can now be done via the new Google My Business app.

A new emphasis being placed on ‘message’ this business, will undoubtedly lead to an increase in the user utilising this function – after all, everything Google does is for the user. Staying on top of your messages (and any potential uptake in messages post-rollout) can be a great way to maximise organic business and get more customers online!


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