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The SEO Works are the only AdWords Agency in the Sheffield region with Google Certified Partner Specialist status. This means we are trusted by the UK’s leading search engine to manage your Google marketing campaigns across all channels and disciplines.

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Our AdWords Agency is a Certified Google Partner

In order to become a Google Partner, businesses must have a qualification in AdWords to show that they have the correct knowledge to successfully manage AdWords accounts. In order to earn this qualification, at least one member of the business has to pass the Fundamentals exam and one of two advanced level exams – Advanced Search or Advanced Display.

The accredited AdWords agency must also meet the minimum spend requirement across all accounts to prove that the business genuinely has a lot of activity. Google will check this by reviewing a Partner’s Client Centre – where all their client accounts are managed.

Finally, Google will check the quality of service provided to AdWords agency customers by reviewing clients’ budgets and ensuring that the business is making the most of the client’s budget. They will also review a wide range of best practices to ensure that the business is reaching Google’s high standards. These best practices include ad scheduling, ad placements, customer retention and demographic targeting.

The aim of Google Partners is to provide a way for you to find a reputable company, recognised as a trusted business partner by Google. Contact The SEO Works today to find out how we can help you benefit from our SEO and AdWords agency management.

What is a Google Partner Specialist Agency?

Being a Google Partner Specialist means that as an AdWords agency, we have demonstrated long-term results that impact the bottom line, of dozens of clients. Reserved only for the best of the best, a Google Specialist Partner means we are skilled in all AdWords channels, systems and campaigns.

Businesses with Google Certified Partner status are able to use the Partner badge. The search function on Google’s Partner page can be used to search for Google Partners qualified in AdWords management, you can see our official accreditation here. This means you can procure the services of a reputable, trusted and proven SEO agency.

Why should you hire an agency for Google Ads?

Return on investment

You are far more likely to achieve a strong ROI when working with an experienced, skilled Google Ads expert than attempting to manage your ad budget in-house if you have limited expertise. Our Google Ads specialists have processes in place that have been refined over the years and are constantly updated to match changing trends, so we can make sure all our client budgets are being spent in the areas that will generate the best long-term results. 


Not only does working with professionals mean you are more likely to receive a stronger return on investment for the money you spend on Google advertising, but you will also save yourself time by putting your trust in the experts and allowing your team to focus on other key areas of your business’ marketing. There are various important stages to creating, launching and monitoring Google Ads that our team are well-versed in to allow you to achieve results quickly and efficiently. 

Systematic targeting

We don’t cut corners when it comes to our Google Ads campaigns. We take the time to understand your business, your target audience(s) and your competitors in-depth before we tackle how to spend your advertising budget. By putting in the groundwork when you come on board, we can ensure your ads are precisely targeted and ultimately generate conversions. 

Experience and expertise

When working with a Google Ads agency, you are also able to benefit from the expertise the team has to offer. At The SEO Works, all our clients are provided with their own Account Manager, who will be on hand to offer any support, answer any questions and help you to better understand advertising too. We believe in transparency and you will never be left in the dark about the processes we follow or where your budget is being spent. 

How to find the right Google Ads agency

In today’s world of fast-paced digital marketing, hiring a Google Ads agency can be tricky. Improperly managed Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns can cause your budget to go down the drain, so it is crucial to make sure you choose an agency that has experience in managing results-driven campaigns.

Here are some key things to look for when choosing an agency to manage your PPC and qualities that The SEO Works Adwords team are proud to possess. 

1 – Google Partner Certified

As we’ve mentioned, you should work with an ads agency that is a certified Google Ads partner. The Google Partner status signifies that an agency has delivered successful campaigns that demonstrate proficiency in advanced aspects of Google Ads. In short, if an agency has this badge, it means that Google recognises them as an expert in online advertising.

We advise you to look for this as a badge of approval from Google. It’s a reliable first step in finding the right Google Ads agency. The SEO Works Google Ads team are proud to be Google Partner Certified.

2 – Deep Google Ads Knowledge

Another key aspect to look for is that an agency can offer insight into effective methods of structuring a campaign to suit your business, alongside managing ad groups and choosing the correct targeting criteria.

Many businesses run afoul of stagnant PPC campaigns – PPC campaigns that have been set up and left to run for months, maybe years on end. Our Google Ads agency knows the dangers of this and makes sure our campaigns are regularly assessed and optimised to offer incremental improvements based on changes in market trends and conversion data. We also demonstrate insight by adapting campaigns in the wake of changing PPC trends.

3 – Strong Track Record

As with many aspects of digital marketing, experience is key. You can take a look at The SEO Works’ glowing PPC case studies. We are happy to provide prospective clients with any relevant information about similar PPC campaigns. In addition to our case studies, you can browse our accolades of awards for our PPC work that demonstrate our work has been judged by industry experts and proven to be of a high standard among competitors.

When looking for a Google Ads agency, you can also consider an agency with experience in delivering campaigns that are relevant to you and your industry. The SEO Works PPC team have worked with and won awards for campaigns in a wide range of industries and sectors including ecommerce, B2B, and B2C. We offer bespoke campaigns tailored to your business goals.

4 – Understand Your Business Goals

A good Google Ads agency doesn’t just plaster a blanket campaign strategy over every PPC account that they manage. A good Google Ads agency understands that marketing only succeeds when the campaign is tailored to the client’s target audience and goals.

Our team take the time to get to know the goals of your business and the way your customers interact with you. During the initial consultation process, we will not only do research into your sector, we will actively work with you to find out more about your business. Your services, your products, your competitors, your priority revenue streams and your market trends are all things that we will discuss with you before setting up a campaign to get the best results.

5 – Driven by ROI

Many agencies will measure the success of their PPC campaigns solely on clicks and impressions. At SEO Works, we understand that a business doesn’t survive on visibility alone. We take the time to fully understand what matters to you as a business and focus on giving you a tangible return on your investment.

Following on from your business goals, our Google Adwords team will also want to know what KPIs (key performance indicators) really matter to you. From revenue to leads to specific regional visibility, we will take the time to fully understand what matters to you as a business. Understanding your KPIs will allow us to produce valuable and actionable insights in our regular updates and monthly reports.

6 – Excellent Communication

PPC campaigns are frequently subject to changing circumstances, so keeping an open line of communication helps to ensure the campaign stays on target.

Our Google Ads agency can be reached on a regular basis if needed and ensure you understand the work being carried out. We don’t use complex marketing jargon without providing information that is directly useful to you and instead pride ourselves on our transparent, effective communication. 

When enquiring with our Google Ads team, we demonstrate our understanding of your business goals and formulate a tailored ads campaign to allow you to achieve these. 

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If you are looking to work with a Google Ads agency, speak to our team or request a free audit of your current ads. As the winners of the ‘Best PPC Campaign’ at the Northern Digital Awards, we can provide a free expert audit of your Google Ads account.

The audit outlines your current PPC performance and explores the hidden potential of your account. Analysing your budget management, bid optimisation and device performance allows us to suggest optimisations that will increase conversions and cut down on wasted spend for actionable insights on your ad performance.

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What is a Google Ads agency?

A Google Ads agency will offer your business professional services that include the creation and management of Google ads campaigns. Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords, provides businesses with various ways to advertise their products and services in search results including Shopping and display ads. A Google Ads agency will manage the entire process of launching and maintaining ads and will allow you to work with experts in the advertising field, who can advise on where and how to spend your ad budget to get the most return on your investment. 

How do I start with a Google Ads agency?

To start with a Google Ads agency, you should do plenty of industry research, identify your business’ budget and goals, and enquire at various agencies to make an informed decision. At The SEO Works, we offer all prospective clients a completely free PPC audit, where we review your existing ad campaigns to provide you with actionable insights. We take the time to understand your business’ unique KPIs before getting started to ensure you receive the highest possible return on investment.

Why should I hire a Google Ads agency instead of managing Google Ads campaigns in-house?

Hiring a Google Ads agency such as ourselves offers several advantages. We have expertise in campaign management, keyword research, ad copywriting, and ongoing optimization, which can lead to better results. We will be able to save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. We also have access enterprise tools, resources, and data that can be cost-prohibitive for small businesses.

How do you charge for Google Ads services?

We charge a management fee based on the level of your ad spend, which means you have a clear understanding of your monthly outgoings. The fee structure may vary depending on how many services you are using.

What experience do you have in my industry or niche?

As a large Google Ads agency, we have lots of experience across a variety of industries. Take a look at our case studies. Our enterprise tools will give us industry-specific knowledge and an understanding of the competitive landscape, target audience, and the best practices for advertising in your field. We will also leverage our years of experience to create more effective campaigns.

Can you provide case studies or references from previous clients?

Absolutely. Just ask us for examples of successful campaigns in your industry, as well as contact information for references who can share their experiences with the agency.

Which certifications and qualifications does your Google Ads agency possess?

The Google Ads Partner certification is a valuable credential that demonstrates knowledge and expertise in managing Google Ads campaigns. We have certification at the top tier of this, known as a Google Premier Partner. this means we are in the top 3 percent of agencies across the globe for Google Ads services, showing our commitment to staying up-to-date with industry best practices. We have also won dozens of awards for our Google Ads Campaigns.

How do you determine the budget for Google Ads campaigns?

We will typically determine your budget based on your business goals, competition, and the potential return on investment. As a Google Ads agency we will consider factors like the cost-per-click (CPC) for your industry and the size of your target audience. We will then recommend a budget that aligns with your objectives.

What types of Google Ads campaigns and ad formats do you specialize in?

We have years of experience in all Google Ads campaign types, including search, display, video, shopping, and app campaigns. We also have have experience with all ad formats including text ads, image ads, video ads, and responsive ads. We also offer other ad services including paid social media advertising.

What is your approach to keyword research and targeting?

Keyword research is a critical aspect of Google Ads. We conduct thorough keyword research to identify relevant and high-converting keywords. We will also use effective targeting strategies to reach the right audience, such as location targeting, demographics, and remarketing.

How do you create and optimize Google Ads campaigns to achieve our business goals?

As a premier Google Ads Agency, we have a very well-defined process for competitor research, campaign structuring and setup, ad copy creation, and ongoing optimization. We will be able to talk you through all of this if you request a quote from us. Ultimately, our strategies will align with your specific business goals, whether it’s lead generation, e-commerce sales, brand awareness, or other objectives.

How often will we receive reports and updates on our Google Ads campaigns?

We report formally on a monthly basis with a detailed written report. However, we will also work alongside you with regular ad-hoc communications throughout the month, depending on your needs. During campaign setup we establish a clear communication schedule and reporting frequency. Regular updates will help you stay informed about your campaign’s progress, also giving the opportunity to address any concerns and celebrate wins.

How do you ensure that our ad spend is efficient and not wasted on irrelevant clicks?

There are many different strategies we use to ensure efficient ad spend. This includes implementing negative keywords to filter out irrelevant traffic, setting ad scheduling to target the most valuable times, and continuously monitoring and optimising campaigns. As a Premier Google Ads Agency our focus is on getting the best ROI from your budget, and ongoing ad optimisations will also ensure your ad budget is used effectively.

What is the timeframe to see results from Google Ads campaigns?

The timeframe for seeing results can vary depending on factors like competition, budget, and campaign maturity. Generally, you can expect to see initial results within a few weeks, but as the campaign builds data and we make optimisations, expect to see further improvements over a few months.