Google’s new Rio Olympics Search Features

Google has added several new features to their search engine to ensure you get a quick and easy fixtures from the Olympics.

For some searches related to the event, Google has added a new “hub” to their search results that will provide you with medal counts, event times, athlete information and TV schedule times. This will be available in over 30 countries without needing to click on any websites, Google will provide all the information instantly.

The hub looks like this:

Google's new Rio Olympics search feature, as displayed in the index

Google-owned video sharing platform YouTube will also be streaming highlights in over 60 countries. This ensures people from all around the globe won’t miss out on the action due to time barriers.

Users will also be able to use Google maps to explore the surroundings at the Olympic games and observe the venues.

Other sites are also offering alternative coverage options for the sporting event. Facebook will be showing exclusive content via Facebook live and have announced a partnership with American television broadcasting company NBC. Who will be displaying exclusive clips on their Facebook page.

With other media platforms such as the BBC offering coverage integrating new immersive technologies such as VR, is it even worth buying a ticket anymore?

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