How Google SEO Works

Mastering how Google SEO works

Everyone knows that Google is the biggest and best when it comes to online search engines. It’s the most popular search engine in the world, because it’s simple and effective.

That’s why it’s important to consider Google very highly when putting together an SEO campaign. Google is known for its strict rules, its enigmatic algorithms, and the fact that it’s all over black hat SEO techniques. With its Panda and Penguin updates and – most recently – its addition of the Disavow Links tool, it’s becoming harder and harder to manipulate Google search results falsely.

Google’s SEO Rules

There’s one guaranteed trick to sway Google search results pages to your advantage when working on your SEO strategy and it is… not a trick. Trying to trick Google using black hat, underhanded SEO techniques will only end badly for you. Google is at the top of its game and, more importantly, no-one knows its algorithms or how to beat them.

The only guaranteed way to get the results you want in Google is to produce good quality content and links. If your writing is stuffed with keywords, or if you spin it beyond recognition, Google will not reward you – it’s more likely to penalise you and erase your website from its data-banks altogether than it is to place you in the top spot. The only sure-fire way of attaining good SEO results with Google is to write with a human being in mind.

Write for a real, live person who’ll be able to breeze through what you have to say without tripping over a bizarre choice of words or having to whip out the old thesaurus. Write so your reader doesn’t have to stop and wonder why you used such a ridiculous synonym in place of a perfectly simple word. Write for your reader, not for your search engine, and you will be rewarded handsomely.

Then it’s a popularity contest. Link building is something which everyone has different views on, and with the latest Panda 2.0 update those views are constantly shifting. But stick to ethical linking methods and you’ll stay algorithm friendly and lower the risk of rankings dropping down the SERP’s. Google SEO works best when you have non-paid for links, from varied strong websites on the same theme or topic as your target website.

Ultimately dont forget compliance. It’s easy to concentrate on content and links then forget the real basics of how Google SEO works. Tick all the boxes and review your site on a regular basis. Factors such as XML sitemaps, Webmaster Tools checks, internal linking, W3C compliance, unique meta data, Google+ authorship etc….. That’s how Google SEO works.