Message Extensions A Complete Guide

In the modern age of gadgetry it isn’t unknown for people to prefer to text rather than pick up the phone and speak to someone, which is why using message extensions can allow you to engage a whole new audience with your ads.

By enabling message extensions you allow a user to contact you via text message to a number of your choice to get more information about products or services, book appointments or get quotations – all with a simple tap of a finger.

How Do Message Extensions Work?

Mobile Ad ExtensionsMessage extensions work by adding an icon to your ads which is only displayed on mobile devices.

When visible, the user can click the message icon and open the message with a pre-populated text already in place which is decided by you.

Once the user sends the message it is sent to the number used in the extension for you to see and act upon.

The messaging icon also has a CTA which you can add yourself, such as ‘Text For Prices’ or ‘Message Us For A Quote!’, which can be used to entice the user to create a message and engage the ad.

What Are Message Extensions?

Message extensions allow you to engage more users who don’t want to initiate a phone call or go through to the site to fill out a contact form and send it.

It appeals to the fast-paced lifestyle that many people live by allowing them to engage with ads immediately without navigating to a site.

It also appeals to those users who may not feel comfortable with a phone call, allowing them to make use of your service and get information they need without having to take the big step of picking up the phone.

Where will Ad Extensions Show?

Message extensions should be added to all relevant search network campaigns and relevant ad groups. They can be added at campaign or ad group level and we would recommend creating a specific message extension for each ad group to keep CTR healthy.

They will show on mobile devices where the ad is relevant to the user depending on their search query, but they cannot be displayed on desktops.

How Are Ad Extensions Created?

Create an ad extension in the ad extensions tab in your adwords account. You will need a phone number which you will use to receive queries and send replies.

Create a CTA along the pre-inserted message – something like ‘I would like to get a quote for…’ or ‘Please send me more information about your…’ to help get the user started.

We would also recommend creating an ad-schedule for the message extensions so they aren’t displayed 24/7 unless you are able to respond. Speed of response is a big part of the success of using message extensions, so creating a schedule where you will be in a position to respond quickly is key.