Inspirational Women in Digital

Feeling inspired, and feeling represented, is really important. We spoke to some of our team about which women they look to in our industry for inspiration, and why.

Here’s what they came up with…


Areej AbuAli

Areej is an SEO Consultant and the founder of Women in Tech SEO.
Twitter – @areej_abuali
“She is one of the most empowering and kind people I have ever come across. She’s fighting for equality in our industry every single day and it making digital marketing a better place.”


Aleyda Solis

Aleyda is an award-winning International SEO Consultant, Speaker & Author
Twitter – @aleyda
“Her blog has some really helpful guides and articles on SEO. She also has a number of free SEO tools on her website, including a hreflang generator tool which is a lifesaver!”


Carrie Rose

Carrie Rose is the CEO & Founder of the agency Rise at Seven.
Twitter – @CarrieRosePR
“Carrie inspires me as she is a woman, from my home town (shout out Gainsborough), who has broken boundaries in digital marketing and gone outside the box with digital campaigns resulting in much success!”


Crystal Carter

Crystal is a Senior Digital Strategist at Optix Solutions.
Twitter – @CrystalontheWeb
“She’s really knowledgeable yet relatable. Plus she makes a lot of Beyonce SEO references on Twitter!”


Dawn Anderson

Dawn is the Managing Director of BERTey, a speaker, and a trainer.
Twitter – @dawnieando
“She has done some wonderful SEO talks and is an International Technical SEO Consultant, which is often still a very male-dominated sector.”


Katie Ramsingh

Katie is a freelance fashion brand copywriter.
Instagram – @katieramsingh
“Her Instagram feed shows that SEO can be fun and creative!”


Kristina Azarenko

Kristina is an eCommerce & Technical SEO Consultant, speaker and teacher.
Twitter – @azarchick
“Kristina invented the SEO Pro Extension, a tool I use multiple times a day. She’s so willing to share her expertise and genuinely wants to see other SEOs do well.”

Women In Tech SEO

Women in Tech SEO

Women in Tech SEO is a support network aimed for women in the Technical SEO field, to discuss, share and learn from one another.
Twitter – @techseowomen
“The Women in Tech SEO group is inspiring to me as it shows other women in the industry.”

The SEO Works

The women we work with!

“All the women I work with at The SEO Works inspire me. They show so much talent, insight, positive thinking and continually have amazing, thoughtful and interesting ideas across all of the departments of the company. It’s a pleasure working with them and learning from them every day.”

We hope you find these amazing women as inspirational as we do! As with any list, there are many people we weren’t able to include – tweet @SEOWorksUK with who inspires you!