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SEO is a core aspect of every successful digital marketing strategy and a way for Glasgow brands to make sure they’re in a strong position to generate customers from the search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s no longer feasible for businesses, especially those in larger cities like Glasgow, to neglect SEO as a marketing strategy. If you aren’t ranking in the top positions when your target market search for your services, they are far less likely to click through to your site and you’ll miss out on a ton of conversions. 

The SEO Works is a long-established SEO agency that has been helping clients in all industries and sectors to improve and maintain strong visibility in the Google search results. We have won an array of industry awards for our campaigns over the years due to the results achieved and have an ever-growing team of specialists in all areas of SEO.

Ranking highly in search is no longer as simple as optimising page content for certain keywords, it’s about establishing your brand as authoritative and trustworthy. We help our clients do this by creating valuable user-focused content, making sure your website is technically sound, and building powerful backlinks.

Why does your brand need SEO services in Glasgow?

Without prioritising the optimisation of your website for search engines, you will be missing out on a huge proportion of your target market actively seeking your services. Everyone heads to Google when they need an answer to a question or a solution to a problem, which is where SEO comes in to make sure your business appears top for these search queries. 

Although SEO is something many businesses may try to implement using in-house resources, Google’s ranking algorithms are becoming increasingly more intelligent and complex to keep up with. SEO is now something that needs constant attention if you are to secure and maintain high rankings. Our SEO services can take the entire process off your hands, so you can focus on other marketing channels and running your business.  

Why do Glasgow brands choose our SEO services?

  • Return on investment. Our SEO campaigns are designed with ROI in mind at every stage, from the initial keyword research through to content planning.
  • Clients in all industries and sectors. We have worked with clients in practically every sector, helping small and large businesses move onto and up page one to increase traffic to your site. 
  • Technical, content, and link-building expertise. Our SEO team are experts in all aspects of a successful SEO campaign, from the technical foundations to ideation for creative content.
  • Multiple award-winning campaigns. The number of awards we have won for both our SEO and PPC services and campaigns over the years speaks for itself. 

Our industry accreditations

What process does our Glasgow SEO agency follow?


Every client is different when it comes to the type of SEO strategy they need long term, whether your site has a large number of technical issues that need prioritising or is technically sound and needs a focus on content creation. Our initial benchmarking processes allow us to determine your website’s existing performance, what needs to be improved, and create a custom strategy for the priority in which these improvements need to be implemented.

Keyword research

SEO is entirely oriented around keywords, referring to the search queries your target market uses to find your products or services. Keyword research is therefore a core aspect of our initial and ongoing SEO strategies. We take the time to understand your industry and brand, so we can target the more fruitful keywords that will generate organic traffic that is likely to convert and generate an ROI.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves many factors, but centres around making sure your website is crawlable so it can be indexed to rank, and that it is fast enough for users. Although technical SEO takes place largely behind the scenes, it is a key factor in having your website appear top. If Google can’t easily index and understand your content, it won’t know what you have to offer, massively limiting how well you can rank. We audit client websites regularly to identify any issues and tackle these early on.

Content marketing

Content is king, but not just any old content. It has to be optimised for keywords, valuable, and unique in some way if Google is going to deem it to be worth ranking at the top. A large portion of SEO is content marketing. This involves finding and writing new content topics for your brand to cover that will put you in front of a wider audience and show Google that your site is authoritative and trustworthy.

Local SEO

Local SEO is incredibly important for Glasgow brands to get themselves on the map and noticed online in what is an increasingly competitive environment. We have helped tons of small, large, and more established businesses to tackle their local SEO, appear in Google’s Map Packs and generate valuable customers in your service areas.

Backlinks remain one of the best ways to establish and build the authority of your website. We offer separate digital PR packages which include multiple large-scale campaigns, targeting local, regional, national, and industry publications to secure links and coverage. As part of our SEO campaigns, we also offer standard and local link building to secure links on websites like directories, blogs, and industry resources.


We provide fully transparent reports each month to allow you to track your ROI and monitor the progress of your organic traffic, rankings in search, and conversions generated as a result of your SEO campaign. You can also ask any questions day-to-day and receive support from your own account lead.

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