Mobile Websites and SEO

Features of the Best Mobile Websites for Optimisation Purposes

There are certain elements to consider when converting your website into a mobile-friendly format. Different features can have different effects, but there are a few that should be considered staple requirements of good mobile web design:


The most obvious thing about a mobile website is that it needs to be interactive. It should be created with user experience in mind and designed for touch. People should be able to easily navigate their way around a mobile site and, ideally, be guided through the logical steps they need to take. This is fairly easy to accomplish due to the linear nature of most mobile websites, with content being displayed vertically and with simple menus.

Responsive Design

A flexible layout and fluid content architecture are of paramount importance in mobile web design. The site should be able to expand or contract according to the device it’s being viewed on, and the information displayed should be easy to read and navigate.

Fast Loading Times

Mobile web users often have a limited data plan, and they won’t be happy if they have to use an excessive amount of it just to view your website. Fortunately, the type of design suited to mobile websites is given to fast loading times.

Brand Recognisable

Although the way the various components of a mobile website are put together is different to that of a normal website, the overall effect should portray an obvious similarity between the two. Colour schemes, fonts, logos and other design elements from the regular website should be incorporated into the mobile version, in order that it be recognisable as the same brand.

Appealing Visual Design

It goes without saying that a mobile website should be just as visually appealing as its desktop counterpart. Just because a mobile site is simple, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Positioning, typography and imagery can all be adjusted accordingly to create an effective mobile site that’s a pleasure to browse.

There are other elements to consider when creating a mobile website, of course – but follow these basic rules and you’ll be off to a promising start.

If you’re interested in converting your website into a mobile-friendly site, get in touch today to see how we can help.