Panda 4.1 Rollout – More Changes to How SEO Works.

Google’s Panda algorithm has been confirmed to have another update rolling out all this week, with the beginnings of the update beginning late last week.

Google’s Pierre Far posted to Google + on Friday 26th telling the world about the Panda update. He specified that Google had received feedback from webmasters and users and have uprooted some new ways of identifying poor or low quality content.

This higher precision means that more small to medium sized companies will be able to rank better on Google if they make sure they have good quality, relevant and unique content on the site.

This is Panda’s second update of 2014, with the first happening in May.

The update has affected between 3-5% of content, depending on your location and the size of the site.  Big sites, such as and have seen massive drops in traffic, pointing to them being penalised by the new Panda update.

As well as again highlighting the importance of quality content on the site, this update also means that if you streamline your data so it’s easier for Google to crawl, you will be rewarded.

Make sure that sitemaps, webmaster tools, URL parameters and robots text are all saying the same thing to minimise the chance of Google re-crawling the same content, which could lead to a penalty and a drop in rankings.

If you have previously been penalised by Panda, this is a good opportunity to see if your site has managed to recover. If you have worked hard to ensure your site has quality, unique content on it then it should be starting to recover from previous updates and move forward. This is nature of how SEO works.

With the rollout not due to finish until the end of this week, oscillations in rankings will be likely until the reshuffle has settled down. If your traffic dips significantly during this week and it remains the same at the start of next week, it is a safe bet that Panda is to blame. Don’t forget that for every site that goes down, others will rise, so you may see this happening to your rankings and traffic.

By constantly making changes to how seo works and what is successful, Google ensure that good quality SEO companies are always on their toes.

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