Predicted PPC Trends

The world of pay per click advertising is constantly diversifying. As new features are integrated and changes come around, the way advertisers can use the platform to market their products and services changes as well.

Keeping up with these changes can be tricky, and often the best way forward is to employ a dedicated agency to handle the running of PPC for your business – that is where we as PPC advertising specialists come in. Our job is to keep on top of the latest trends to ensure we are ready to handle the competitive world of online advertising for our clients.

PPC Trends We Know

We know from years of experience and historical data that in 2019 Google Search Network is going to be a much more crowded space than in years gone by. It’s therefore especially important that businesses are switched on and ready to commit to pay-per-click advertising in order to keep up with their competition. Businesses who struggle with small budgets and a lack of ambition when it comes to digital advertising will find themselves falling behind fast. We have already seen digital ad spend growth in the UK surge to over £11.55 billion, with over half of that in paid search adverts. 

Likely Changes To PPC Management In 2019

Audiences Over Keywords

With more and more emphasis being put on targeting demographics and advertising to specific types of people, we believe that 2019 will see an even greater shift to targeting ads at specific audiences over keywords.

This will most likely take place through an increase in users taking up more dynamic forms of marketing – such as remarketing display ads, as well as video ads which are proving to be a highly effective means of sending out brand messages at a low cost.

Increased Use Of Automated Features

Automation within PPC advertising isn’t a new thing, in fact, it has been around for many years. However, the way in which advertisers now trust and allow Google and other platforms to make bigger and bolder decisions on their behalf has already changed and will continue to change as time goes on.

One big shift that was noted in early 2018 was the introduction of responsive search ads, which allowed users to experiment with up to 15 different headlines and 4 descriptions per ad. Google then uses data it collects to optimise the ad and pick the best performing headline and description.

Automated features such as responsive search ads are preferred by advertisers as they often allow them to save time and reduce workload in writing and enabling/pausing multiple ads.

Other automated features that are commonly used by advertisers include automated reporting, automated bidding strategies and ad scheduling.

CPC Will Increase Drastically

With an ever-increasing amount of advertisers using the PPC platform, it’s not surprising that on search campaigns, in particular, the average CPC for the everyday advertiser is likely to rise.

In order to keep conversion cost low, it is recommended that advertisers use a blend of channels such as a display, remarketing and video in order to keep on top of their CPC and ensure it remains at a healthy level. On search especially, it’s a good idea to keep reviewing your CPC on your keywords, monitoring them and ensuring that you don’t pay over the odds on keywords that don’t convert to leads and sales.

The Power Of Voice Search Will Emerge

Although voice search has been around for a number of years, its strength as a notable form of advertising is only set to increase. Many internet users (and more specifically mobile users) are leaning towards voice search as a quick and easy way to complete searches, compared to the humble search engine text query.

Google Home Voice Search
Google Home – Empowering Voice Search

As more search engine users turn to voice search in 2019, this will force advertisers to adapt their strategy to voice marketing. Voice search keywords, particularly questions e.g. “where’s the best place to eat in Sheffield” will become more prevalent and competitive, which will increase bids to a higher CPC.

Advertisers who are willing to optimise their account and bid more will come out on top when it comes to giving users an answer to their questions, giving them the best opportunity to convert the user to a customer.

PPC Ads Will Appear On Our TV Screens

In late 2018 Google introduced a new feature to allow YouTube advertisers to market their products and services onto TV screens.

With the introduction of TV Screens Device Placements, advertisers can specifically target their ads to users who are viewing content on TV screens and can target them with ads that are relevant to their demographics and interests to help push for better conversion rates and improved sales volumes.


Although there is a lot going on and changing in the world of PPC advertising, if you play your cards right, there is a lot to get excited about. By being on top of the latest news, trends and techniques, you can truly maximise your ROI when it comes to your online marketing campaigns, and in particular Google PPC.

Over the course of a number of years, we have seen the trend change from seemingly normal search advertising to a world that is filled with more and more intelligent technology, and with this comes more opportunity to apply new innovative methods of online advertising. Whatever the future may hold, 2019 certainly is an exciting year to be involved with the world of PPC.

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