SEO for Property Developments

The Lakes by Yoo is a unique development deep in the heart of one the most beautiful locations in the UK. The Cotswolds is a tranquil and desirable haven for those looking to escape city life, or for those relocating for a better quality of living. The SEO Works are proud to help The Lakes by Yoo showcase their fantastic waterfront properties and first class website to potential customers online.

Many luxury developments will inevitably have a luxury website to match. When investment companies or even privately owned firms plan and develop a new project, sales and marketing is a vital part of success. The SEO Works have been working alongside the Lakes by Yoo team for almost 3 years, helping them manage both branding related search phrases and generic difficult phrases for their target market.

What has SEO delivered? Hundreds of visitors every day, brand exposure and an easy point of contact via the web. Most importantly- new sales enquiries from phrases like luxury waterfront homes. One sale would cover our marketing costs for a decade.