Contributing to research in the fight against coronavirus

Feeling powerless against the constant barrage of news about the coronavirus pandemic is a common thing. Whilst are all doing our bit by staying at home, even this enforced situation can be a challenge to our state of mind.

As an agency, we’ve all been working from home now for 3 weeks and we’ve managed to adapt very well. Daily video calls help with team and one-on-one communication. We even had our “Fricka Friday” all staff get together last Friday, over video (along with a cheeky drink!).

We were approached by UCL this week to support them in promoting a study. The research piece is about psychological and social experiences during this period of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), and naturally we jumped at the request.

Something we can all do to regain a sense of purpose during this time is to contribute to the vital research that is helping academics and scientists understand the virus.

The study, undertaken by the UCL’s Department of Behavioural Science and Health, will help to inform understanding about the effects of social isolation measures on people’s mental health. The findings will be used to help develop ways to support people psychologically and socially during this outbreak.

If you want to take part in the study, follow this link.

Covid 19 Research

Another fantastic research piece is the app released by King’s College London, which aims to track symptoms of individuals and identify high risk areas in the country. You can read more about this here.