Technical SEO Agency

Technical SEO services focused on generating a strong ROI.

Technical SEO is the process of making your website as accessible to Google’s crawlers as possible. By doing so, search engines can more easily understand the quality of your offering and rank your website higher in the search results accordingly.

It’s pointless having an array of unique and valuable content on your website if Google is unable to crawl, render and index this. If search engines can’t crawl your site, your site won’t be put in front of your audience.

The SEO Works offer expert technical SEO services that focus on achieving your goals by prioritising issues and making sure you get the most out of your investment. All our recommendations and advice put results at the forefront.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO involves ensuring that a website functions at the optimum level and is technically sound in line with Google’s algorithm requirements and recommendations. Technical SEO encompasses all the core elements that allow Google bots to crawl, render, index and subsequently rank a website.

If Google bots can’t crawl your site to add it to their index and understand what it is you have to offer, it is impossible for them to then decipher where your website should be ranking in the search results.

Prioritising technical SEO is essential to ensure your website has a strong performing foundation. Without it, you can end up investing in other areas of your website and SEO with little to no results long term. It’s like building a house on uneven ground.

What are technical SEO services and why use them?

While technical SEO is one of the most key components of an effective strategy and a high-performing website, many websites are still not built to be SEO-friendly or compliant with Google’s crawlers. Technical SEO goes hand in hand with other core aspects of SEO, content marketing and link building such as digital PR; however, without focusing on ensuring your website is crawlable first, your other efforts won’t reap the benefits.

Using professional technical SEO services allows those whose websites are not SEO-friendly or optimised to rectify any previous mistakes, ensure your website is accessible to search engine crawlers and provide your website with the best possible chance at ranking in the search engines. 

Technical SEO services involve auditing your website to identify any fundamental issues as well as any minor problems, and working to fix these and iron them out where possible over time. Using professional services allows you to put your trust in experts and relax in the knowledge that any issues will be picked up on and a solution will be provided. 

What technical SEO services do we offer?

Technical site audits and optimisation

We carry out regular and thorough audits of your website to identify any ongoing or new issues that arise. Our audits take into account a wide array of factors including indexing and caching, URL structure, tracking, location signals, crawlability, site speed and more. Off the back of these highly detailed audits, we prioritise issues based on the severity as well as how much of an impact these will have on your visibility, to ensure we work efficiently and effectively to get you your results.

Website migrations and website launches

If you are a new business launching a brand new website, or you are an existing brand looking to migrate to a new domain, our technical SEO services can help support you through this process. We can offer pre, during and post-migration strategies, support and monitoring checks to ensure your website performs optimally throughout the process and minimise the effects on your visibility in search engines.

Site speed optimisation

A poor site speed can quite frankly be detrimental to both your website’s visibility in search but also the user experience you provide your audience, meaning it's an aspect of technical SEO that should be highly prioritised. Our team can review your site speed and offer optimisation suggestions and recommendations to help you optimise your page speed and offer the best possible experience for users, making them much more likely to convert.

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are important metrics used by Google that identify how your website performs overall by providing specific scores for certain vitals such as speed, interactivity, and responsiveness. Our technical SEO agency has extensive experience in understanding any Core Web Vitals flagged and suggesting possible solutions and recommendations for improving your scores over time.

Mobile performance optimisation

Everyone is searching on a mobile device these days meaning if your website isn’t responsive or optimised for mobile, you won’t be offering a positive user experience. If your website isn’t offering a positive experience for your audience, they will go elsewhere for your products or services. Our technical SEO agency has been helping clients to ensure their website offers just as intuitive and efficient of an experience on mobile as on desktop, to maximise your visibility and conversions.

Hreflang implementation

If your business is targeting an international audience, a correct hreflang implementation is vital to send the right signals to Google. We’ve seen many cases where incorrect implementation or a lack of implementation is harming international site visibility and traffic. Our experts will be able to review your technical setup and advise on how to engineer the right international signals.

Google penalty recovery

Google is constantly releasing new core updates to their ranking algorithms, meaning if your website’s technical health isn’t prioritised and your website continues to exist with technical issues that go against their guidelines, your visibility will suffer. Our team can help those who have suffered off the back of an algorithm update, whether your website has lost visibility steadily or you have lost rankings overnight. Our experts can help to diagnose the issues and make efficient recommendations to remove penalties or recover from these over time.

Information and site architecture

Without a coherent site structure and a clear hierarchy of information across your site, Google’s crawlers won’t be able to understand what your site offers and you won’t rank as highly as you deserve. There’s also nothing worse than clicking on a website knowing what you are looking for but not being able to find it due to incohesive or confusing navigation. Our technical experts can identify flaws in your site architecture and provide a clear site structure and recommendations to ensure the quality information you are offering is as accessible as possible.

Technical consultancy and monitoring

In addition to our technical SEO agency being able to advise and offer solutions for specific areas of technical SEO, we also provide ongoing and day-to-day access to an Account Manager, so you can benefit from consultancy and advice on any other areas you may be considering too. Your account lead will also conduct regular monitoring of your site and the results achieved, to provide you with an accurate and transparent picture of the progress of the campaign. You will never be in the dark about the status or progress of any technical tasks being carried out.

Why work with our technical SEO company?

  • We have years of experience working with sites of all sizes, types and purposes, including e-commerce and international sites.
  • We have worked with every CMS under the sun, including the main CMS’ such as WordPress, Shopify and Magento and those less widely seen.
  • Insight into industry trends and updates that may affect your website.
  • Full transparency into our audit processes and actions off the back of this to ensure you’re fully aware of the work being carried out.
  • Access to a technical SEO expert with a dedicated account lead to direct any queries or issues to day-to-day.
  • Goal-focused strategies that are dedicated to generating a strong ROI.
  • Glowing client case studies and testimonials highlighting a wide client portfolio having worked with businesses in all sectors and a variety of niches.
  • Prioritisation of technical issues based on severity and primarily on your goals to ensure you see the utmost benefit from investing in technical SEO services.