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While technical SEO is one of the most key components of an effective SEO strategy and a high-performing website, many websites are still not built to be SEO-friendly or compliant for search engines. Technical SEO goes hand in hand with other pillars of SEO; content marketing and link building (such as digital PR). However, without focusing on ensuring your website is crawlable first, your other efforts won’t reap the benefits.

The SEO Works offer expert technical SEO services that focus on achieving your goals by prioritising issues, and making sure you get the most out of your investment. All our recommendations and advice put results at the forefront.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO ensures a website functions in line with Google’s algorithm requirements and recommendations. This service encompasses all the core elements that allow Google bots to crawl, render, index and subsequently rank a website.

Why is it Important?

If bots can’t crawl your website to understand what you have to offer, it is impossible for them to then decipher where your website should be ranking in the search results.

Prioritising technical SEO is essential to ensure your website has a strong performing foundation. Without it, you can end up investing in other areas of your website and SEO with little to no results long term. It’s like building a house on uneven ground.

Our Approach to Technical SEO Services

We strive to work effectively and efficiently to address the most impactful tasks, in the most suitable method for both your website functionality and team resources. Our track record includes impressive client case studies and testimonials from a diverse range of businesses across various sectors and niches. When addressing technical issues, we prioritise based on severity, and align them with your specific goals, ensuring you gain the most benefit from investing in our technical SEO services.

Our Technical SEO Services Include:

  • Bespoke assessments of your website to identify any fundamental issues or opportunities
  • Recommendations and support to implement necessary solutions throughout your SEO campaign
  • A dedicated account manager with regular reporting and continued monitoring throughout your campaign
  • Goal-focused strategies that prioritise generating a strong return on investment.

Our Technical SEO Expertise

The innovative, technical knowledge of the SEO team underpins our many successes. We ensure this is sustained and developed via our specialist Technical SEO Team, who provide:

  • up-to-date training and resources
  • support to problem-solve complex technical issues
  • quality control of the team’s technical strategy
  • timely updates to the team regarding major algorithm updates or changes to CMSs

Leverage our professional technical SEO services to address any existing issues and optimise your website for search engines. Our expertise will ensure that your website follows best practices to have a greater chance of achieving ranking success.

A Human-Led Technical Audit 

We carry out regular, and thorough audits of your website to identify any ongoing or new issues that arise. Our audits take into account a wide array of factors including indexing and caching, URL structure, tracking, location signals, crawlability, website speed and more. 

Off the back of these bespoke highly detailed audits, we prioritise issues based on the severity as well as how much of an impact these will have on your visibility, to ensure we work efficiently and effectively to get you your results. Within our monthly reports, your account manager will report on overall performance and website health improvements.

Technical SEO Considerations:

Site speed optimisation

Poor website speed can be detrimental to a website's performance in search visibility and user experience. Our team can review your site speed with the context of your functionality in mind, and offer valuable recommendations and potential implementations.

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are important metrics, and are now a direct ranking factor used by Google to identify how your website performs. This considers metrics such as speed, interactivity, and responsiveness. Our technical SEO agency has extensive experience in understanding any Core Web Vitals issues, and suggesting possible solutions to improve your scores over time.

Mobile performance optimisation

Around 63% of all searches are done on mobile devices. So, if your website isn’t responsive or optimised for mobile, you won’t be offering a positive user experience. As a technical SEO agency, we have been helping clients to ensure their website offers just as intuitive and efficient of an experience on mobile, as on desktop, to maximise your visibility and conversions.

Google penalty recovery

With new algorithm updates some sites may see penalties enforced by Google, meaning if your website isn’t in good technical condition your visibility could suffer. Our technical SEO team can help those who have lost visibility due to a Google Penalty.

Information and website architecture

Good website architecture is key to getting your website crawled and indexed effectively by search engines. There’s nothing worse than struggling to navigate a website due to an incohesive or confusing structure. Our technical experts can identify flaws in your website architecture and provide recommendations for a clear URL structure to ensure your pages are as accessible as possible.

Supporting Your Website & Marketing Strategy

We will work closely with your team and any existing web development resources to consult on ongoing and upcoming website projects, as well as to implement needed changes on the website for Technical SEO.

Website Migrations and Website Launches

If you are a new business launching a brand new website, or you are an existing brand looking to migrate to a new domain, our technical SEO services can help support you through this process. We offer pre, during and post-migration strategies, support and monitoring checks to ensure your website performs optimally throughout the process and minimise the effects on your visibility in search engines.

Technical Consultancy and Monitoring

As a passionate technical SEO agency, our service includes advising and offering solutions for specific areas of technical SEO. We also provide ongoing access to an Account Manager, so you can benefit from consultancy and advice on any other areas you may be considering too. Your account manager will also conduct regular monitoring of your website and the results achieved, to provide you with an accurate and transparent picture of the progress of the campaign. You will never be in the dark about the status or progress of any technical tasks being carried out.

International SEO & Website Expansion

If your business is targeting an international audience, correct hreflang implementation is vital to send the right signals to Google. We’ve seen many cases where incorrect implementation or a lack of implementation is harming international website visibility and traffic. Our experts will be able to review your technical setup and advise on how to engineer the right international signals to search engines.

Case Studies of Technical SEO Successes

All Websites are Eligible for Technical SEO 

At The SEO Works, we offer a comprehensive range of services that cater to websites of all sizes, types, and purposes. Our diverse team has extensive experience across the board, we have worked with a multitude of content management systems, brands, industries and global markets to achieve technical excellence. You can rest assured that we have the expertise and knowledge to handle whatever challenges your website may be facing.

Technical SEO FAQs:

What is included in technical SEO?

A variety of elements are included in technical SEO, including but not limited to: Indexing and Caching, URL Structure, Structured data, Google Analytics, Duplicate content, Crawlability and Google penalties. Technical SEO covers a broad area and is usually supported by developers to help implement fixes.

What is good technical SEO?

Good technical SEO prioritises strategies on websites to ensure crawlability, indexing, website architecture and rendering, amongst other things, are performing well. What sets apart a good technical SEO campaign will take into account the other priority areas of your SEO campaign, the limitations of your site functionality and resources, and how impactful the technical SEO solutions will be for your results. 

How much does technical SEO cost?

Technical SEO should be priced within your overall SEO campaign, and this can vary based on the agency and package you opt for. For more information, browse our in-depth guide on the costs and pricing of SEO in the UK.

Is technical SEO part of off-page SEO?

No. Technical SEO and off-page SEO are two separate parts of a campaign. Off-page SEO refers to activities that happen off of your website. This includes practices like link-building and reviews. Prioritising off-page SEO can help build your website’s experience, expertise, authority and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T). Whereas technical SEO ensures your website can be read and understood by crawlers, and performs well for users. 

How Can I Find Technical SEO Errors?

There are a variety of tools, platforms, manual website checks and specialist knowledge that goes into diagnosing technical SEO issues. A good starting point is to review errors in your Google Search Console (which is a free tool from Google), as this can identify issues with indexability, Core Web Vitals and more. However, good technical SEO would go beyond this to review additional opportunities and apply expert knowledge of your site and Google’s best practices to determine what is a true issue on the site, and the best fix for this.

Why Choose The SEO Works as your SEO Agency?

Using a technical SEO company allows you to put your trust in experts and relax in the knowledge that any issues will be picked up on, and a solution will be provided. Choosing to work with an agency for your SEO services means you’ll benefit from an entire team with industry-leading knowledge and experience. The SEO Works is a Sheffield-based, award-winning digital marketing agency with a portfolio of clients from a range of industries across the globe. Learn more about us here, and the additional services we offer.

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