The SEO Works Partner with Wessex Distillery to Create Branded Gin

This year, we decided to spread the Christmas cheer by partnering with a gin distillery to create our very own “The SEO Works” branded gin bottles. Our partners, Wessex Distillery, helped us by designing and creating amazing branded Christmas gins complete with our logo, brand messaging and signature green for the bottle glass.  

Creating branded merchandise is an excellent way to get our name out there in a unique way, so we loved partnering with one of the best UK craft gin distilleries to do just that. Plus, who doesn’t love gin?

seo works custom gin bottle by wessex distillery

About Wessex Distillery

Wessex Distillery are a family-run and award-winning gin distillery in the heart of Surrey. The SEO Works loved partnering with the company to showcase their local craft gin, and creating a gin bottle that is unique to us to mark Christmas 2021. 

Wessex Distillery offers a wide range of custom gin bottles; you can choose from a range of flavours, whether you prefer unflavoured or a sweeter gin like rhubarb and ginger, then add your own message. Their custom gin is a lovely way to mark a special occasion with a keepsake or gift, as we have done with a signature green branded gin bottle.

Jonathan, Master Distiller at Wessex Distillery, has said:

‘We partnered with SEO Works to create a gin bottle that represents the agency’s brand to help commemorate a successful year and celebrate Christmas 2021! Working closely with businesses on custom orders is something we love to do, as we’re able to create a gin bottle that is unique and fit for purpose. Whether you want your gin as a corporate gift, internally or externally, or to sell as branded merchandise.’

Check out this case study to read more about our one-of-a-kind gin on the Wessex Distillery website, and browse their range of craft gins distilled in Surrey by their team. If you’re a fan of The SEO Works gin, watch out for what we do to celebrate next Christmas!