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Digital PR services

As Google becomes smarter and the search engine results pages (SERPs) become ever more competitive, getting your website seen is more difficult than ever. Over the years, digital marketers and SEO professionals have tried all sorts of methods to convince Google that their site is the one that should be ranking at the top. A big part of this has always involved acquiring backlinks as ‘proof’ of a site’s credibility, significance, and quality.

Backlinks remain an important part of SEO, but acquiring them is increasingly difficult. That is a large part of the reason why we’ve seen growing demand for our digital PR services. 

The practice of digital PR involves creating reasons for strong media sites to link back to you. Websites today don’t hand out links without reason. That’s why we use cutting-edge digital PR techniques to get the attention of journalists and media publications, so they’re more likely to mention your brand in their stories and link back to your site. PR with an SEO focus – our unique approach.

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At The SEO Works, we approach digital PR from a heavily SEO-focused perspective. Think of it as SEO PR. Our primary goal is to strengthen the authority of your site through obtaining backlinks. When your site has a greater number of quality links, Google understands that your site is worthy of greater visibility.

All websites need to work on their content and technical SEO. But in the increasingly competitive world of search engine marketing, excellent content and technical website infrastructure can only get you so far. This is where digital PR comes in. As Google becomes increasingly smarter, the ‘black-hat SEO’ game of buying and selling links is reaching its twilight. For most brands, the most effective, scalable way to build quality links today is through the techniques of digital PR.

Using a digital PR agency like ours makes this process much easier and more effective. Being experts in both digital PR services and SEO, we understand the techniques and have the connections needed to acquire quality backlinks to your core pages. The combination of quality backlinks and valuable, quality content results in a twofold approach to boosting your SERP rankings and visibility.


Digital PR services from The SEO Works come in six-month packages. During that time, we create and deliver big ideas, each one including all the key ingredients necessary to make a great news story. Using original data and quality creative, we create stories that relate to your brand, and that journalists want to cover. 

In addition to creating original content, we continuously monitor journalist requests, respond to media opportunities to get you quoted as an industry expert in news outlets, and provide additional backlink opportunities.



At The SEO Works, we believe a good digital PR agency is one that works in collaboration with their clients. That’s why, as part of our digital PR service, our team of experts will do their best to understand you and your business. This includes learning about your values, your target market, your competition and what relevant publications best suit you and your audience.


Building a site’s authority starts with creating ideas that will offer value to your target market. We generate creative and compelling story ideas to get the attention of journalists in niche, local, national, and international media.

Data Collection

We take a data-driven approach to our digital PR services, rigorously sourcing original data to back up our stories, ensuring the content we create gets linked to as an authoritative source.

Content Creation

We create high-quality infographics, blog posts, and interactive content on your site that offers plenty of value, so that strong media sites want to link to you.


Using connections that we’ve built up over years of working as a digital PR agency, we put your brand in front of hundreds of journalists, targeting relevant, quality publications with effective messaging.


We don’t stop until your website is getting linked back to by quality media sites across the web. This is done with the aim of increasing your brand’s authority and increasing relevant traffic. This, in turn, will help to boost SERP rankings for SEO too. We’re not happy, until you’re happy with real, tangible results.


We have landed coverage and links from high profile publishers including:


How are they related?

Digital PR goes hand in hand with our SEO services. The high-quality links placed to your website and brand mentions across industry, regional and national sites, will help to boost your visibility in the search results long term. SEO and digital PR aren’t interchangeable. Instead, digital PR supports existing SEO campaigns as a form of content marketing to increase the trust and credibility of your site.

In turn, a more credible and trusted page is more likely to be linked to by other sources, the more links, the more of an authority the page will be. This circle of digital PR services and SEO content is a powerful strategy. Not just anyone can do it though, this combination requires expert knowledge in both SEO and digital PR fields, both of which take a lot of time and resources to attain.

Because we’re both an SEO and digital PR agency, we have dedicated teams who are experts in their fields, and collaborate to achieve the best results.

All of our digital PR campaigns are driven by an SEO focus to ensure the results achieved are always measurable and tangible for our clients. PR results combined with SEO performance gives a winning outcome.


Investingoal Case Study

For an example of how effective the expertise of a Digital PR agency can be when combined with a bespoke SEO strategy, look no further than the 3 campaigns we ran for Investingoal.

Here is a quick summary of the success that their digital PR campaign, that was twinned with an SEO Campaign, produced:

100% Increase in Daily Users

150 Links Achieved

58 Pieces of Coverage

1.54M Estimated Views

The campaign was focused around providing information on financial scams, by creating quality content that helped to position Investingoal as an authoritative figure in the industry. This allowed our team of experts to utilise this authoritative content, by contacting specifically targeted publications, which would result in high-quality links and relevant traffic.


The SEO Works have worked with a range of businesses in various industries to deliver creative campaigns that help brands to reach their target audience online. Our stories are carefully crafted and well-researched with clear objectives to secure coverage on industry-specific, national, and international sites. 

We’ve helped customers across the UK to get their brand noticed online for the right reasons with campaigns that grab attention, inform and entertain.

Our digital PR agency has won many respected industry awards over the years for our successes:



What do digital PR services involve?

Digital PR involves the creation of newsworthy, link-worthy content to attract media coverage and encourage backlinks from online publications. Digital PR is a form of content marketing that generally has an SEO focus, with the goal of securing high-authority backlinks to your website in addition to boosting visibility and brand awareness. A digital PR agency can provide these services, using their connections and expertise to achieve high-quality exposure that supports SEO content.

Why are digital PR services important?

Digital PR is important because it enables brands to scalably and naturally build positive brand mentions and backlinks across the web. It is an important component of digital marketing strategy, with the goal of increasing the authority of your site and strengthening brand awareness by putting your business in front of the right audience. Backlinks act as a vote of confidence for Google to show that your site is trustworthy, authoritative and valuable.

What are the advantages of using a digital PR agency?

Working with a digital PR agency lets you have access to their wealth of knowledge and expertise. Acquiring high-quality links from relevant publications is getting increasingly harder, which is why the connections and cutting-edge techniques digital PR agencies use are key for increasing the visibility of your core pages. A good digital PR agency will have their digital PR strategies account for increasing traffic to your site’s key SEO pages too.