How to use AI in SEO

We’ve all seen the headlines. Either AI is going to save the world or it’s going to put us all out of jobs. It’s either going to take over the planet, or make us all quicker and smarter human beings. There will be places where AI can help and there will also be areas it…

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Google Rolls out Google Discover on Mobile

Google Discover Roll Out Last year Google introduced Google Feed to surface relevant content to mobile users. Dramatic growth has seen more than 800 million people each month use the feed to stay up to date with their interests and hobbies online. On September 24, Google announced that Google feed will be replaced by Google…

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Google Clears Up Anchor Text Confusion

Does Anchor Text Effect Site Rankings? In a recent Google Hangout session, John Mueller, Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, discussed if anchor text can directly affect a site’s rankings. Good internal linking practices have always been seen as a basic component of SEO and anchor text is a large part of this. What is Anchor…

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The Changes to Google Search Results

It seems lately that Google has been having a shift around with it’s appearance. From the change of the “Ad” label colour last week, to the latest increase in the width of the main search results column. Although this may not appear too much of a difference to the user, this change impacts everything Google…

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New “Mobile Friendly Tool” Released by Google

Google have released a new tool to help users test whether a website is mobile friendly. With mobile devices now accounting for over 50% of all search queries in Google globally, it’s now more important than ever to make sure your site is as accessible to mobile and tablet users as it is for desktop…

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The SEO Works partners with the world’s oldest football club

The SEO Works are proud to be offering their support to the oldest football club in the world, Sheffield FC. Through a new partnership, we are providing our ongoing knowledge and expertise to help improve the club’s web performance and boost their online visibility. The SEO campaign begins during what is an exciting period for…

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