Protected: How long will it take to improve SEO results?

SEO needs to be seen as a long-term strategy. It can take several months, and sometimes years to fully feel the efforts from an SEO campaign. However, ranking movement can start to be seen within weeks and sometimes results can come far more quickly than expected.

Don’t trust any SEO agency that tells you they can get you to the top of page one in a few weeks – SEO as a short term strategy can only lead to quality issues further down the line. Even if an SEO agency achieves this promise, it will be for “vanity searches”. These are searches with little search volume or search intent behind them, meaning you might rank first, but nobody will ever see or click the result as they don’t search for that phrase. There is no point in ranking well if it isn’t driving business value.

Often the speed of results are influenced by how competitive your industry is, how many of your competitors are also investing in SEO, the history and age of your website, and the key elements of the strategy that are focussed on.