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SaaS companies face a constant battle for online visibility and user acquisition. At The SEO Works, we understand the unique challenges faced by SaaS businesses. That's why we use our expertise in digital marketing to build strategic campaigns that drive SaaS companies towards online growth. Take a look at the success stories of some of our valued SaaS clients. We'll demonstrate the challenges we tackled, and the impressive results we achieved together.

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1200% increase in conversions

9.4% increase in CTR

82.5% reduction in CPC


Thyme IT, a leading provider of Customs and Excise software solutions, approached us with an under-performing online presence. Their existing PPC campaigns weren't delivering the desired results, leading to low conversion rates and a high cost per acquisition. They needed a strategic approach to reach more qualified leads and drive sales growth.


Our team conducted a comprehensive audit of Thyme IT's existing PPC campaigns, identifying several areas for improvement.

We refined their keyword strategy to target a more precise audience actively searching for customs and excise software solutions. We also created new, compelling ad copy that highlighted the unique benefits of Thyme IT's software and addressed the specific pain points of their target audience.

We restructured their campaigns for better organization and budget allocation, and ensured their landing pages were optimized for conversions.


Over 6 months the PPC strategy resulted in a dramatic increase in online performance:

We achieved a staggering 1200% increase in conversions, directly attributing them to the optimized PPC campaigns.

By improving the ad copy, we enticed a higher percentage of users to click on Thyme IT's ads, leading to a 9.4% increase in CTR (click-through rate).

Through strategic campaign optimization, we achieved an 82.5% reduction in CPC (cost per click), maximizing our client's return on ad spend.