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Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is a crucial part of any effective digital marketing strategy. It is how your audience learns who you are, what you have to offer, and what will convert them into potential customers. 

Content marketing is the online art of communicating with your customers and prospects without outright selling. It is a type of funnel marketing, transporting your audience on a journey towards converting, and is a core part of any search optimisation strategy.

Instead of simply pitching your products or services, content marketing is the art of delivering information online that makes your buyer more intelligent, helps them in some way, or moves them emotionally. 

By content, we mean anything that can be consumed online, such as the written word, images, pictures, infographics, audio and video. By understanding your target market, and creating useful information for them, you can acquire new customers and retain existing customers.

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What do you get with our Content Marketing Agency?

Our content marketing specialists will work with you to identify your priorities, where your content strategy is currently lacking and how you can grow your presence online through content. 

Our content marketing strategies are backed up by our in-depth knowledge of other key areas of digital marketing including SEO and digital PR to help you create content that is designed to rank and generate attention.

There are a few main elements to a content marketing strategy, including:

Initial exploration

As we would with any of our marketing services, our content marketing agency takes the time to learn about your business including your business model, goals, target audience and any focus areas so our strategy can be designed accordingly. This initial stage is crucial to the success of our campaigns as it ensures all our content marketing efforts are making an impact on your business’ success and bottom line. 

Content ideation and strategy

Content marketing with an SEO focus is about offering content that generates traffic to your site at all stages of your business’s marketing funnel. From your audience’s initial research intent, right through to when they are ready to convert; there are opportunities to provide content for all stages. As part of our content strategy services, we carry out thorough content ideation at the start of every campaign that is shaped around your business’s unique goals and KPIs to allow you to achieve a strong ROI. This stage includes an in-depth competitor review and thorough keyword research using a range of industry tools.  

Content creation and optimisation

Our content writing agency is passionate about creating quality, helpful and impactful content that benefits your audience and doesn’t waste their time. Whether your bespoke content strategy is to review, prune and refresh old content showing signs of decay, create content on a large scale to build out content hubs, or provide content briefs for your internal teams to utilise, we can help. Our content marketing agency has years of experience in creating content of all types and formats, from long-form guides to product descriptions and sales pages that convert.

Content promotion

We don’t just publish content for our client’s sites and then leave it to gather dust, we make sure it has the best chance at being noticed using multi-faceted marketing strategies. We use digital PR tactics to outreach your content to relevant and high-authority publications to generate attention and secure backlinks. 

Content auditing

Websites naturally build up content over time, and over the years this can start to show signs of decay as information changes, new information is released, or your business goals change. It’s important to audit the content on your site regularly to identify any content that may no longer align with your business offering or has become outdated or stale in its growth, so you can capitalise on improving or pruning this from your site. Our content marketing campaigns always include auditing and reviewing older existing content to identify any of these opportunities and grow your traffic. 

Content reporting

We prioritise learning about your business goals at the start of every campaign so that we can provide you with accurate and insightful data throughout your content marketing campaign. We provide monthly transparent reports that can be tailored to your specific KPIs so you can see for yourself the impact our services are having. You will also be assigned your own dedicated account manager to discuss the content work being carried out and the results achieved. 

Why do you need Content Marketing Services?

  • Content marketing strategies are a crucial part of online success
  • Effective content marketing carries your audience along your marketing funnel to convert
  • High-quality, insightful and unique content is a strong asset for every company
  • Websites cannot rank highly in Google search results without quality, optimised content
  • Working with a content marketing agency allows you to keep up with changing trends and algorithm updates
  • Unique, interesting content generates brand awareness and backlinks
  • Benefit from a dedicated account manager who can offer advice and expertise

Naturally build authority with content marketing services

By creating and sharing useful content for your target audience you can boost your online business objectives. Search engines also reward brands that create useful, high-quality content that educates or entertains. By creating such content you will also naturally build links over time to your website, helping boost your website authority for your target position, and in turn, driving traffic.

Why do people share content?

When people share content, they share it because it reflects something about themselves. Great content helps solve frustrations, appeal to a customer’s pride, clear up confusion, tug on heartstrings, or make people smile. Our content marketing services incorporate detailed market research to identify exactly what conversations your audience is having online, and how you can contribute to the moments that matter.

The foundation of a good content marketing strategy is the belief that if you, as a business, deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to buyers, they will ultimately reward you with their business and loyalty.

Creating a content marketing strategy

Our content marketing services mean that we will help define and deliver a content strategy for your business. This process will include reviewing your competitive marketplace, analysing your existing assets, defining your brand position, establishing the questions and conversations that you should contribute to, undertaking a content gap analysis, creating a content plan, and producing high-quality content. No matter your industry, we are experts at getting to know your business and the things that will interest potential customers.

See how we helped boost organic traffic by over 600% with a content strategy.

By building a content strategy you will create a long-term plan that over time will deliver compounded returns. We’ll spend as much time promoting your content as creating it. Our digital PR team will reach out to our network of bloggers, media contacts, and social media influencers to help your work get the justice it deserves. We’ll work with you to create a plan that boosts your online traffic and customers.

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