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Google Shopping Management

The ability for e-commerce businesses to get their products in front of customers is invaluable. Google Shopping Management allows your products to be front and centre as customers research, compare and buy online.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads allow your products to be displayed to customers at a time they are ready to purchase. Shopping product listing ads (PLA’s) display the product, title and price in search results in a visual format that will attract a customer’s attention. This helps us to achieve higher click-through rates and conversions, with customers already knowing vital information.

Google Shopping Partners

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As certified Google Shopping Management experts we have years of experience in crafting and executing high-performing shopping campaigns. Using intelligent click and overall budget management we are able to spend your budget wisely to achieve the best possible performance and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Our Approach

With paid advertising of any kind you need to be reassured your budget is in good hands and achieving its potential. As a Google Shopping Agency our philosophy is to start with the data. Analysing the data in your account and wider competitor and industry trends will help devise the best strategy.

Driven by Data

The data never lies. We use historic trends and recent figures to make informed choices about optimising your Google Shopping campaign. We use machine learning technology to spot the trends amongst the noise. Interpreting your data and best practice guidelines are our recipe for delivering the best results.

Google Shopping Data Analysis

Learn Your Business

To best know how to get the most from your budget, we need to know how you work. Our Google Shopping Agency team will take time to learn your business and develop a strategy tailored completely to you. From market position to brand image, the smallest details can make the biggest margins.

Proven Track Record

Over our years handling paid search campaigns and managing Google Shopping accounts, we have developed a proven track record in achieving measurable and profitable results for a range of clients. We’ve also won numerous awards for our Google Shopping work, including “Best PPC Agency” (Prolific North) and “Best PPC Campaign” (Drum Search Awards). Take a look at just some of our award-winning campaigns across a number of industries for pay-per-click management.

How Google Shopping Works

Google Shopping Management is different to the ways other forms of paid search work. With traditional search ads we target specific topics and search phrases, bidding for a search impression share. With shopping ads, a feed is added to upload data. This feed informs the product information displayed to the customer and where the product should be displayed to buyers.

This is why it is vital Google Shopping is managed correctly. The feed must be optimised correctly to ensure your listings are visible to the correct customers in the right places. Optimal titles and descriptions are key as to whether a product ad gets shown at all. Shopping feeds can also incorporate trust factors such as review stars and product information such as sizes.

We also have lots of experience in getting disapproved Google Shopping feeds approved. With our close agency relationship with Google and Bing, we can work through incompatibility issues to make sure your feeds are verified and live.

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