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We help Manchester businesses in a wide range of industries to get noticed in search by the right audience. Our mission is to help you get more customers online. We look past rankings alone and focus on what it takes to help businesses like yours grow sustainably by attracting the right kind of traffic.


Who is our Manchester SEO company?

We are The SEO Works, a specialist SEO agency with over a decade of experience in search engine optimisation. We service clients from across the UK, with many based in Manchester. 

Our SEO consultants have brought increased rankings, traffic, and ultimately customers to our client’s websites with our established and unique SEO methodology, meticulously developed and continuously refined over the years.

It’s led to us being named The Best SEO Company in the UK by Clutch. Plus we’ve won a raft of other awards for our campaign results.

Our strategic approach to SEO in Manchester

Our strategic approach starts with understanding your business and goals, and really benchmarking where you currently stand, along with how potential customers actually search for you. From there we can develop a customised plan, ordered by priority and severity to help you grow.

Our strategies combine the granular, but highly necessary, repetitive tasks, with the fun and creative work that all websites need to succeed in Google. Unlike some Manchester SEO agencies (and website development agencies who say they can “do SEO”), we understand the value of combining the ‘boring stuff’ that you don’t have time to do with more creative work.

What do our SEO services in Manchester include?

Our SEO strategies are bespoke, multi-faceted and most importantly ROI-focused. We put results at the forefront of all we do, so you can receive the best possible profit on the investment you make in our SEO services. 

When working with our SEO specialists, you will receive a long-term strategy that is tailored to your business’ industry, audience, and KPIs. 

Our services include the following key components, where applicable to your unique business model and goals:

  • Bespoke strategy

When a Manchester business comes on board for our SEO services, we don’t just jump straight in and start writing content or placing backlinks. Instead, we take the time to understand your business, industry and goals in-depth. From there, we conduct thorough research into your competitors, target keywords and audit all aspects of your website to form a bespoke strategy for your SEO campaign. 

Your strategy will be broken down into stages, so you know the issues discovered, how they need to be resolved and when different areas of your campaign will be actioned. 

  • Content marketing

Without high-quality, helpful and optimised content on your website, you won’t be able to rank among or ahead of competitors in your industry. Google is placing increasing emphasis on content being valuable for users. We work with a range of clients, ranging from start-ups who need us to support them with writing content that gets them off the ground, to established organisations whose website content needs refining. 

Our content marketing experts know how to write content that ranks, informs but most importantly converts your website visitors into paying customers. 

  • Technical SEO

We prioritise ensuring that every client’s site we work with has a strong technical grounding to rely on. At the start of every SEO campaign, we do a complete audit of your Manchester business’ site to identify issues and work with developers to resolve these and ensure your site has strong technical foundations. 

Our technical SEO work includes but is not limited to site speed and mobile performance, internal linking, crawlability, rendering and indexation, sitemaps, URL structure, structured data, and more. 

  • Local SEO

For Manchester businesses attempting to rank among local competitors in your area, you must work with an SEO agency that has expertise in all areas of local SEO. We have worked with hundreds of local businesses in Manchester and other cities across the UK, to help them rise above the competition and become a leading business in their local area.

From Google My Business optimisation, to content marketing and local backlink acquisition, we are specialists in getting local businesses in front of their potential customers. 

  • Link acquisition

The amount and authority of backlinks that point to a website continue to be a strong factor in helping a website to have strong visibility in search results. We have refined our link acquisition methods and strategies over the years and are constantly adapting to Google’s algorithms with the aim to ensure our clients have strong, authoritative backlink profiles. 

As well as offering digital PR services, we carry out a range of other whitehat link-building tactics to help build up and strengthen your website’s link profile. 

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

It’s all well and good ranking for a range of high-volume keywords, but if your website offers a poor user experience or user journey, you will miss out on tons of potential conversions. As part of our SEO campaigns, we take the time to review the user experience of all our client sites and provide recommendations for conversion rate optimisation.

Your website traffic needs to be steered through your desired user journey if they are to ultimately convert and become a customer. We help clients to outline their user journey and make sure this is clear across your site.  

  • Advanced yet transparent reporting

We believe in complete transparency throughout our SEO campaigns, which is why all the Manchester companies we work with receive thorough, insightful reports on the work completed and progress made every month. You will have full access to your organic rankings, organic traffic levels and changes, conversions and more. 

In addition to monthly reports, you will have access to your own dedicated Account Manager to answer any queries day-to-day and keep you informed at every stage of your SEO campaign. 

Why do Manchester companies need SEO?

Compete online

For companies offering services in or around the Manchester area, one of the first places your potential customers will go to seek your offering is Google search. If you’re not prioritising and investing in SEO, you will lose out on your target audience to competitors. 

Convert new business

Our Manchester SEO services prioritise getting you to the top of the search results for search queries that don’t just have a high search volume but generate organic traffic to your website that is likely to convert. 

Why work with us for your Manchester SEO project?

  • We’ve over a decade of experience in the SEO industry
  • We’ve developed an established and unique methodology, developed for over 10 years
  • Industry recognition – we’ve won over 40 awards
  • Industry accreditation – we’re a Google and Bing Partner, and Crown Commercial Supplier
  • We only practice ethical, white-hat SEO
  • We understand the importance of proactive account management and transparent reporting
  • We are rated locally by Master Manchester as a top Manchester SEO Agency
  • We’re a safe pair of hands to deliver your campaign backed up by our glowing Clutch client reviews
Best SEO Agency in Manchester

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How long does it take for SEO in Manchester to work?

SEO is a medium to long-term digital marketing strategy that requires an investment of patience and time. If an agency tells you they will be able to secure you a position one ranking in a short amount of time, tread with caution. If it was fast and easy, everyone would rank number 1 for all of their key searches, right? 

The timeframe it takes to see results and conversions from organic search varies according to a wide range of factors including how competitive your industry is, your existing visibility and authority, and the number of issues that need addressing on your site. Every aspect of our SEO campaigns has ROI at the forefront, so you can see sustained results from your investment over time. 

Why is it important to work with a professional Manchester SEO company?

Working with a third-party SEO agency means you have access to specialists in their field, who have successfully helped businesses in a range of industries to rise to the top of the search results for their offering. 

Unlike in-house SEO where businesses must rely on the knowledge of one or a few individuals, working with our large, award-winning agency means your campaigns are informed and developed by experts in all areas of organic SEO. From international eCommerce companies to local businesses looking to rank in a city like Manchester, we have the experience and expertise to provide.