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It’s becoming harder and harder for a business to gain organic reach on social media, as algorithms continually change. Long gone are the days where you could expect to post an update and it reach all of your followers. This is where paid social media services come in.



The chart below shows that two thirds of adults in the UK use social media. Your potential customers are on Facebook, and probably LinkedIn. They may also be on Twitter and Instagram too.

They are probably on there daily, and for a good amount of time. They are in a mode of consuming information, and are receptive to relevant messages. It’s where your business should be too.

Social Media Usage in UK

Two thirds of adults in UK use social media. Source: IPSOS MORI

Reach them with a laser-sharp message

For companies that want to use social to grow their business, they need to see social media as an advertising channel, like all other digital platforms. The biggest opportunities lie in highly-targeted, optimized paid social advertising and promotion, to your target audience.

Data-driven Paid Social Media Services

Advertising on social media platforms is as trackable as any other form of digital marketing. And it’s even more customisable. Our scientific and data-driven approach delivers consistently a great return on investment.

Highly Targetted Paid Social Media Services

Social media offers one advantage ahead of many other advertising platforms – the opportunity for demographic targeting. Want to target an ad to females aged 30-40 in Sheffield who like cooking and gardening? No problem.

The ability to target, test, and optimize ads for your different audiences can be game-changing.

Multi-platform Paid Social Media Services

We can run campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn ads. We use the latest tools and techniques across our paid social media services, to ensure a strong return on investment.

With any paid social media campaign, we’ll offer these services:

Ad preparation and sign-off

Rotation of ad creatives

Conversion tracking set up

Monthly customised reporting

Audience targetting and segmentation

Media bid optimization

Monthly account optimisation to reduce cost per action

Across one or all of these platforms:




Our paid social media services can be used to help increase sales and conversions, grow your social presence, and improve engagement from your followers.

Paid Social Media Management

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