Google Ads Management

Specialist ads management that generates a strong ROI.

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a hugely powerful marketing channel. The SEO Works have decades of combined experience in Google Ads, helping clients to set KPIs, create targeted ads, and generate a strong ROI. We help brands by understanding their specific goals and, from there, doing our own thorough research and planning before advising on the best Google Ads strategy. 

Why use Google Ads Management?

When planned and implemented correctly using strategies that are targeted and tailored to your audience, Google Ads can help to ensure your business’s profits are growing month-over-month. However when not utilised correctly or effectively, pay-per-click advertising can end up costing you a significant investment for little return – so working with experts is essential.

We provide a range of Google ads management services, whether your brand is looking to specifically appear in the search results above or alongside competitors, whether you want more brand exposure through video, or you require support for display ads to appear across Google’s Display Network (GDN) websites. Our team of specialists is happy to advise on the best mix of channels, and most importantly, where to invest your money. 

What are Google Ads management services?

Google ads management services involve our team of specialists working with your brand to formulate and manage a Google Ads strategy that generates a return on investment. It’s not as simple as us just taking control of your Google Ad Manager account. Instead, we work with you, to ensure we know what your brand is trying to achieve with paid ads and how we can best help you do this over time. 

Google ads management allows your brand to work with experts to enable your business to get noticed, attract traffic, and generate conversions from ads in the search results. There are many different ad strategies out there and our team knows what works, when it works, and how best to implement these in a wide variety of industries and niches. For example, your goal may be to attract new customers, put yourself in front of existing customers with new offers, or ensure you are seen alongside key competitors. 

We also offer the auditing of any existing Google ad campaigns you have running that may not be performing as you hoped, to identify areas for improvement and either build on these to ensure they are profitable or start from scratch with a new set of ads.

What does our Google ads management include?

Initial introductions, setup, and KPI-setting.

Identifying whether you are looking for us to start from fresh with new campaigns, fix existing campaigns or restructure accounts. In addition, we take the time to understand what your business goals are, whether that’s to lower cost-per-click, optimise your conversion rate, or increase brand visibility.

Keyword and market research.

We carry out extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant, fruitful, and profitable keywords, keeping in mind your brand’s unique goals and budget at all times. Your account manager will also analyse a selection of your key competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses and identify how we can go further.

Strategy formulation.

This includes creating a structure for your ad campaign, putting a long-term strategy in place, and agreeing with you before we start creating ads.

Ad creation recommendations.

We provide recommendations for both your ad and landing page creation. For an additional fee, we can also design your ads so they’re ready to go.

Google ad campaign management.

At this stage, we start rolling out Google ads campaigns according to your budget and monitor the success of these campaigns.

Conversion tracking and reporting.

You are kept informed on the progress of all ads and any results achieved. There is complete transparency on where your budget is being spent and why.

Continual maintenance, testing, and analysis.

The nature of Google ads and PPC advertising, in general, is that your ads will need optimisation, testing, and maintenance to ensure they are performing and generating an ROI. All our clients are assigned an account manager to keep on top of results and make ongoing optimisations to ensure your budget is being invested in the most profitable way possible.

We also offer the auditing of any existing Google ad campaigns you have running that may not be performing as you hoped, to identify areas for improvement and either build on these to ensure they are profitable or start from scratch with a new set of ads.

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Why work with our ads management team?

  1. Jargon-free advice and clear communication
  2. Access to powerful and industry-leading tools
  3. Dedicated account manager for communication and advice
  4. A wider team of experts working on your account
  5. Monthly analysis, reporting, and development of the campaign
  6. Campaigns bespoke to your brand’s goals 
  7. Targeted and data-focused campaigns 
  8. Advice on landing page optimisation
  9. Trusted testimonials and client case studies

How much does Google Ads management cost?

Google ads are completely adaptable to varying budgets. We typically work with clients who have a media spend of £2,000 – £200,000 per month. Whether you have a tighter budget or have tens of thousands to invest in ads each month, you can achieve positive results with the right ad strategy and management methods. 

Why? Google ads are a form of pay-per-click advertising, otherwise known as paid search, whereby you pay a fee each time an ad generates a click-through from Google. The amount you pay for each click is determined by the popularity and therefore search volume of a keyword, as well as how competitive the keyword is to bid on. Generally, the more competitive a keyword is to bid on, the more you will have to pay per click. 

Due to the nature of Google ads, working with ad specialists that can manage your budget efficiently and profitably ensures that you will generate a strong return on investment. What’s more, you can avoid any potential mistakes or poorly targeted ads which can lead to your budget going down the drain with limited results to show for it. 

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Enquire about our Google ads management services

The SEO Works have won an accolade of awards over the years for our Google ads, Google Shopping, and paid social campaigns. We offer a range of digital marketing services, acting as an extension of your brand’s marketing efforts, to add insight and ensure your business is making profits from an array of channels including SEO and paid search.

If you are looking for an agency to manage your Google ad campaigns or offer PPC consultancy, whether you are completely new to paid advertising or have existing campaigns running that need turning around, get in touch for a free quote for a bespoke, long-term PPC strategy.