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What is PPC consultancy?

PPC is a digital marketing strategy that can generate results and a strong return on investment. Unlike SEO or traditional marketing where the results of a campaign are longer-term and can take periods of time to show a return, PPC focuses on paid advertising which drives increased, targeted traffic hitting your website and converting. 

Do you find yourself struggling to make a profit from your ads and are unsure where you are going wrong? The SEO Works offer PPC consultancy services for businesses who are looking to ensure their ad spend is being used effectively and efficiently. 

Our paid search consultants will support you in strategy, management, optimisation and measurement of your PPC campaign performance long term to generate a return.

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What can our paid search consultants provide?


Our experts can help you to identify your business’ specific objectives and marketing goals, to ensure your PPC strategy reflects this at every stage of the campaign. Your objectives will ultimately determine your keyword research, copy, landing pages, key metrics and budget. Get this wrong and it will limit your ROI. Auditing is essential for understanding where to channel your ad spend, identifying any areas that aren’t relevant or converting, and tracking the results of your changes. As well as supporting you in reviewing your campaigns as a whole, we can also offer advice and assistance on optimising specific aspects of your ads and landing pages to identify areas for improvement.


Whether you have existing PPC campaigns running or are new to it completely, our specialists can support the entire process of planning, building, executing and optimising a campaign from start to finish.

Roadmap development

There are many steps to a successful PPC campaign, from defining your audience targeting to optimising your ads and analysing their return. We can help you develop a roadmap to creating a PPC campaign that gets results and utilises your budget effectively long term.

Competitor and audience analysis

Competitor analysis is one of the most useful ways to enhance your PPC campaigns. We have access to industry-leading tools that can allow us to conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors' campaigns in terms of messaging, keyword targeting and offerings.

Long term growth

PPC campaigns must be scalable long term, so you can adapt them to a larger budget or changes in marketing objectives. Our pay per click consultants can provide the expertise and skills to create campaigns that can be easily scaled up or down, depending on your business's unique goals. And ultimately, offer long term growth for your business.

How can pay per click consultancy help?

  • Achieve results over the short term, alongside a longer-term ROI
  • Industry-leading approach to set up, execute and measure campaigns
  • Help identify your brand’s audience at the right time based on geography, demographics and keywords
  • Benefit from shared expertise on scalable strategies to grow your spend and results over time
  • Hugely extend and build on your capability of PPC strategy, management and growth

What types of ads do our PPC consultants offer support on?






Social media ads

Why work with our PPC marketing consultants?

  • Access to industry-leading tools
  • Industry experts with decades of experience achieving results for brands in all kinds of niches
  • Market insight from our consultants who keep up to date with the latest industry trends, updates and documentation
  • Shared knowledge to improve your overall process
  • Complete transparency on the work we carry out for your brand and clarity on the amount of support you can receive with your budget

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