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The SEO Works is a leading PPC agency in the UK serving businesses across the country with our range of pay per click services. Our PPC agency are focused on generating conversions and achieving a high ROI. 

We provide award-winning PPC services across a range of sectors, having won several industry awards including ‘Best PPC Campaign’ at the Northern Digital Awards, ‘Best SEO and PPC Company’ at the Prolific North Awards and ‘PPC Campaign of the Year – B2C’ at the UK Digital Excellence Awards. We are also proud to be a recognised Google Premier Partner, an achievement that is awarded to the top 3% of agencies who are achieving consistent growth for clients and utilising the latest technology for Google advertising. 

Our pay per click company offers an extensive range of pay-per-click services to meet the needs and goals of your business, including:

Our PPC services and ad strategies can all work in conjunction to improve your business’s profits using data-driven campaigns.

Complete Pay Per Click Management Services

Our PPC services cover every aspect needed to run a successful PPC Campaign. All of our PPC Account Managers are Google and Bing qualified, ensuring they can manage your paid campaign with the latest industry standards.

Our pre-campaign research will advise on which channels are most effective for your business needs, assess your online competition, and advise on budgets to enable you to compete in your market. All of these characteristics help us to remain a leading pay per click agency.

Get a Free PPC Audit

We are Google Premier Partners due to the effective strategies we have created and run for our clients and the results we’ve achieved. To provide you with insight into the recommendations we provide and the opportunities we can identify, we have formulated a completely free PPC audit. 

Our no-obligation PPC audit provides you with a report outlining your existing performance, new opportunities to improve it and unlocks tons of hidden potential.

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Why Do You Need Pay Per Click Management Services?

Working with a PPC company is more important than ever to allow your company to compete in the ever-changing and growing online marketplace. Our experts have a wide range and depth of experience in all types of search and paid social advertising to help you gain visibility and generate conversions from the platforms that matter the most to your business. 

5 key reasons why it’s important for businesses to invest in professional PPC services

1. Experience and expertise

Whether you’re a Business Owner, Managing Director or Marketing Manager, you are generally juggling a lot of different responsibilities day-to-day. We understand this, and aim to take the responsibility of managing your paid advertising off your hands. PPC is what our team do best, and investing in PPC services allows you to free up time for the areas that you do best. Our decades of experience and award-winning PPC agency processes mean your business can benefit from nuanced ad campaigns that generate an ROI and make a real difference to your bottom line. 

2. Data-driven and bespoke campaigns

Every client we work with benefits from a completely bespoke PPC strategy and campaign roadmap, based on any issues, findings, and opportunities that we identify in the initial stages. Each campaign is carefully crafted and prioritised based on your business goals, target keywords, and competition. Every decision we make and recommendation we provide is based on data collected and analysed. We spend your budget as efficiently and effectively as possible long term and get you in front of the right people ready to convert. 

3. Ongoing monitoring and optimisation

PPC is not a strategy that can be implemented and then left to run. Our experts are regularly monitoring and analysing the performance of your running campaigns so that we can adjust accordingly and ensure your budget is always spent wisely. Our team regularly review data, adjust your bidding strategies, improve copy and landing pages, and continually optimise your ad campaigns to ensure your account is running at its full potential.

4. Detailed reporting and analysis 

Our PPC company places a huge emphasis on transparent communication in everything we do. When working with The SEO Works, you receive a detailed monthly report that outlines key performance data. These include yearly and monthly changes to traffic, conversion and transactions, best-performing products or services, and general monitoring and updates on the wider ad landscape. In addition to the monthly reports, you will have access to your Account Manager who will keep you updated regularly on the work being completed and answer any questions you may have day-to-day.

5. Stay in line with industry trends

With Google and other advertising platforms constantly releasing new technology and algorithms, your advertising strategy needs to be adapted accordingly. As a Google Premier Partner our team is constantly up to date on the latest trends and advancements in PPC, so that you don’t have to worry about your ads becoming stagnant or falling short of competitors.

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Our PPC Agency's Processes

1. Onboarding

There’s no value in simply diving straight in and creating ads for your business before we understand your goals, target audience, offering, competition and more. 

The first stage of working with our PPC agency is a deep dive into gaining a contextual understanding of your business including your priorities, industry positioning and potential target keywords. You’ll also be introduced to your own dedicated Account Manager and team who will be handling your campaign. 

2. Keyword research

Keyword research forms the backbone of a PPC campaign and determines the goals, budget, and structure of your strategy with us. We take the time to talk to our clients and hear their understanding of their target audience and keywords. We then do our own in-depth research around your offering, the search habits of your audience and the search intent of keywords. We’ll also look at your competitive marketplace and who the key players are in terms of PPC campaigns.

As the campaign progresses we will continue to conduct keyword and audience research, in order to identify new opportunities alongside any changes in your offering or goals. 

3. Accounting auditing and structuring

Our PPC agency utilises industry-leading tools and their decades of combined experience to carry out thorough manual audits of your existing accounts to identify any issues and potential opportunities for improvement or restructuring. 

The outcomes of our audits will then feed into your long-term strategy and be presented in a task list, so you always know the work that is being carried out and our plans for the future. We may recommend a complete restructuring of your ads account, or to maintain your existing structure and improve it. All our recommendations are conversion-focused to ensure we generate a high ROI. 

4. Account optimisation and management

Once you are onboarded, keyword lists have been approved, and you are happy with our recommendations for the optimisation of your account, we get started with putting ads live and managing these long-term. However, our optimisations and analysis don’t stop there and are ongoing throughout your entire campaign. We utilise the data from your ads to educate future strategy, continually increase click-through rates and improve your ROI. 

Our PPC agency’s day-to-day tasks vary depending on your strategy and goals, however, can include tasks such as creating copy, improving landing pages, scheduling ads, adjusting bids, and ongoing reviews of your audience and account structure. 

5. Insights and scaling

Our PPC company and team are on the pulse with new ad technology, trends and best practices to ensure your strategy is ahead of the curve and competitors. In addition to the regular management tasks that come with handling a PPC campaign, our specialists are always researching and keeping up-to-date with the newest algorithms and features to utilise. 

We offer insights and advice in line with the most recent advancements in ad technology, including automation and AI. Our enterprise-level industry tools also allow us to provide in-depth data and recommendations for improving the quality and performance of your advertising campaigns.

What Makes our Pay Per Click Management Company Different?

Bespoke Strategy

Campaign keywords and audiences based on your business goals

Best Practice Setup

Ad campaigns are created and structured with compelling ads designed to convert

Measurable Results

Only pay for clicks or actions, with full conversion reporting

Proactive Account Management

We'll drive a high ROI by constantly optimizing and finding new opportunities

A Decade of Experience

Our certified PPC specialists are Google Premier Partners with a decade of experience in pay per click services

What Industries Does Our PPC Agency Serve?

eCommerce PPC Services

If you sell products online, PPC is an essential part of your marketing mix. We’re experienced in creating high-converting PPC campaigns that generate all round increases in online transactions, revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS). We’ll help optimise your Google Shopping feed and increase your overall basket value by targeting the right products using the right search terms.

Our successful campaigns have led to year-on-year revenue growth and an increase in ROAS. We have delivered success for eCommerce organisations across many sectors from clothing, home appliances, luxury watches and more.

See how we generated a 15:1 return on ad spend for an international eCommerce retailer.

Medical PPC Services

Health-related PPC campaigns come with strict regulations from Google and Bing, and our dedicated experts can create ads and campaigns that get approved the first time. Digital marketing for healthcare organisations requires meticulous attention to detail. 

Here at The SEO Works, we have years of experience delivering PPC campaigns for a range of healthcare organisations, from pharmacies to private medical services and research bodies. With the extensive market research that we provide, our PPC campaigns deliver great results for medical organisations.

See how we generated a significant return for a top-rated pharmacy.

B2B PPC Services

With 63% of business executives now using online search as their first method of procuring services or products, B2B PPC has never been more effective. Our PPC management agency carries out thorough and regular industry research to ensure you’re targeting your client base directly, developing agile campaigns to drive leads and sales.

Education PPC Services

We have developed PPC campaigns for a variety of educational bodies, from universities to specialist training institutions. Our campaigns have successfully driven open day registrations, prospectus downloads, and enquiries for educational and training bodies all across the UK, even catering to overseas markets.

Professional Sector PPC Services

There is huge competition online in the Professional Services sector. Our team have created PPC campaigns for a range of clients in sectors from Financial Services and Recruitment through to Legal Services and Law Firms. A PPC campaign will help you dominate search terms for your core business areas, increasing brand visibility and growing client acquisition.

Why Work With Our PPC Agency?


We’ve achieved Google Premier Partner status as a recognition of our PPC agency’s commitment to providing exceptional ad campaigns and management for our clients over the years. We’re proud of this status as it recognises the fantastic ad performance and ROI we have achieved for our clients and reflects the precision and expertise we put into every PPC campaign. 

This status also backs up our team’s proficiency and the depth of experience and expertise we have with Google’s range of advertising technology including Search, Display, Video, Shopping and more. Our status also means we’re able to leverage and test the latest tools with early access to the latest features to ensure our ad campaigns are compliant but also innovative.


The SEO Works have been delivering award-winning Google and Bing pay per click campaigns for over a decade. We have delivered significant growth for hundreds of organisations through our results-driven approach.

Rather than letting a campaign stagnate, we provide adaptable campaigns that are continually analysed, optimised and improved through the data we receive. By taking the time to get to know your business and understand your goals and target audience, we ensure our clients target the right types of people in the right manner, on the right platforms.


Our PPC campaigns are conversion-focused, meaning we don’t measure success in visibility or clicks. PPC only works when the right traffic is being driven to your site, so we measure our success on the bottom line – conversions.

Our methods of managing paid advertising for our clients are tried and tested, so much so that we utilise it ourselves to acquire clients. We will manage your advertising budget with as much care and diligence as we do our own, so you can rest assured your account will be in safe hands.


Alongside pay per click, we offer integrated SEO services that help to bolster the quicker results our clients see from PPC. While PPC advertising helps to deliver results faster, SEO supports long term growth and brand awareness.

Our integrated campaigns are built for longevity and future-proofing, delivering both paid and organic results. We provide monthly reporting with all our services, each custom-designed to show you the metrics that matter to your business.


Get in touch to find out more about our award-winning PPC services or to request a quote.


What is PPC?

PPC stands for ‘pay per click’ and is a widely used form of paid advertising whereby businesses pay each time someone clicks on their ads. It is an auction-like system, where businesses have to bid on certain keywords to have their ads show up. Some keywords are more expensive than others to bid on due to various factors such as the level of competition. PPC is different from organic search as it requires businesses to pay for their traffic, rather than this being generated from organic visibility. 

Despite PPC being paid, it can be preferred to, or work effectively alongside, SEO campaigns as it allows for highly precise audience targeting and has almost immediate results and ROI when implemented effectively. 

How much do PPC services cost?

With PPC services, there are typically two fees. Firstly, your ad spend, which is based on the number of clicks and is paid directly to Google. We can work with you to a set monthly budget, so you know what your approximate monthly ad spend will be. There is also an agency fee, for managing your campaign. We charge a minimum fee, which can increase based on the level of ad spend you have. Get in touch with us to discuss the pricing of our PPC services in more detail.

What types of PPC services are available?

We offer a wide range of PPC services and campaigns, including:

On these platforms, our team are able to provide a bespoke strategy and advertising creatives for various types of ads including video, display and more. 

How can you measure the success of PPC campaigns?

Effectively measuring the performance and success of your PPC campaigns is crucial for making improvements and ensuring you generate an ROI from professional PPC services. 

We use various standard KPIs to measure success including click-through rate, conversion rate, cost-per-click and return on ad spend to highlight the progress being made and the impact your PPC campaigns are having on your business’s bottom line. Other KPIs and metrics include quality score, ad position, cost per conversion, and landing page-specific metrics, which all feed into your ad performance and help to educate future strategy.

KPIs can be individual to a business too, so we always discuss with clients which KPIs are most important to them during the onboarding process.