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SaaS companies face a constant battle for online visibility and user acquisition. At The SEO Works, we understand the unique challenges faced by SaaS businesses. That's why we use our expertise in digital marketing to build strategic campaigns that drive SaaS companies towards online growth. Take a look at the success stories of some of our valued SaaS clients. We'll demonstrate the challenges we tackled, and the impressive results we achieved together.

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1,375 keywords in top 3

16,000 monthly visitor increase


Aha Slides is a dynamic SaaS platform designed to enhance events with interactive elements like polls, live charts, quizzes, and Q&A sessions. Despite its innovative approach to making presentations more engaging, the brand struggled to achieve strong visibility in search engine results, limiting its potential to attract and retain a larger user base.

The key objectives were to increase the platform's search engine rankings for strategic keywords, boost organic traffic significantly, and position Aha Slides as the go-to solution for interactive presentations.


The SaaS SEO campaign began with detailed keyword research to identify terms closely associated with interactive presentations and event engagement. This step was important for understanding the search intent of their target audience.

To establish Aha Slides as an authority in the event and presentation software space, a robust content strategy was deployed. This included the creation of high-quality, informative content that addressed the needs and interests of event organisers, educators, and corporate trainers, among others. This approach also gained links through proactive outreach.

A comprehensive technical audit was also conducted. Efforts were made to enhance site speed, ensure mobile-friendliness, and rectify any technical issues that impacted search engine indexing and ranking.


Aha Slides saw a remarkable increase in visibility, with 1,375 keywords securing top 3 positions in search engine results pages, making it highly visible for relevant searches.

As a result of improved SERP rankings and enhanced content quality, there was a significant boost in web traffic, with monthly visitors increasing by 16,000 year over year.