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Payment platform SEO

SaaS companies face a constant battle for online visibility and user acquisition. At The SEO Works, we understand the unique challenges faced by SaaS businesses. That's why we use our expertise in digital marketing to build strategic campaigns that drive SaaS companies towards online growth. Take a look at the success stories of some of our valued SaaS clients. We'll demonstrate the challenges we tackled, and the impressive results we achieved together.

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394 keywords onto page 1

2627% increase in organic traffic


This cutting-edge SaaS payment platform wanted to grow its digital footprint and stand out in the highly competitive global payments ecosystem.

Despite offering a unique value proposition - enabling organisations to connect to the entire payments ecosystem with a single integration, regardless of their existing IT infrastructure - Imburse struggled to gain visibility in search engine results, limiting its reach to potential clients.

The primary objectives were to improve the platform's search engine rankings for strategic keywords, substantially increase organic traffic, and establish Imburse as a leading solution for both collections and payouts.


To address these challenges and achieve Imburse's objectives, a comprehensive SEO and content strategy was developed, focusing on the following key areas:

The campaign kicked off with an in-depth keyword analysis to identify relevant terms that potential clients might use when searching for payment solutions. This research informed the optimization of existing content and guided the creation of new, keyword-rich content that resonated with Imburse's target audiences.

To establish Imburse as a thought leader in the payments space, a robust content strategy was implemented. This involved creating informative and engaging content that addressed the pain points and questions of potential clients, ranging from detailed guides on payment integrations to insights into global payment trends.


Imburse achieved a significant increase in visibility, with 77 keywords ranking in the top 3 positions on search engine results pages, and an additional 394 keywords achieving page 1 rankings.

The campaign led to a 2627% increase in organic traffic year over year, placing Imburse at the forefront of searches related to payment solutions.