Utilising topic clusters to gain authority in a competitive industry.

Topic Cluster SEO

The world of professional services is a very competitive one - one that relies on building authority, both in the search results and in general. We have a proven track record of helping professional services businesses grow their websites - benefitting from our wealth of technical expertise and content experience. Whatever the service area, no matter how niche, our marketing team can help businesses in the professional services sector grow online.

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793% increase in users

329% increase in conversions

671% increase in sessions


When this client first reached out to us, they had just changed the direction of their business - from a local divorce mediator, to a national online-based mediation service. Therefore the key challenge was to maintain and increase website performance in this new, much more competitive, nationwide search space.


In order to develop the required authority in this highly competitive space, our team utilised topic clusters (amongst other tactics). They broke down the wider subject matter into three core content pillars - mediation, online mediation, and divorce. The aim of this strategy was to become a trusted authority in mediation, promote online mediation as a key service, and address audience concerns about divorce. They then developed topic cluster content around each of these pillars, collaborating closely with the client to highlight their industry expertise, helping develop topical authority.

The plan strategically included low-competition terms, especially considering the newness of the site, gradually progressing to higher competition topics. The team considered the sales funnel within the content strategy, ensuring that topic clusters were designed to drive conversions.


In this industry, authority is even more important than usual - and this approach really paid off for the client. They have seen fantastic improvements in traffic, clicks and conversions - with the strongest growth seen on the homepage and key service pages. Overall, we delivered a 793% YoY increase in users, a 671% YoY increase in sessions, and a 329% YoY increase in conversions!