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Grow your website’s authority with our approach to white-hat link building. We’ll create news-based content and engage with journalists to earn you quality links.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links that point from one website to a page on another website. They can also be known as “inbound links”, “hyperlinks”, “incoming links”, or just “links”.

Backlinks can carry with them certain hints to Google, known as“attributes”, which tell Google’s bots to follow a link or not, or indicate that the link has been paid for and is sponsored.

Link Building Services

Why are links important?

Google and other search engines see links as votes of confidence for a specific page. However, some links are seen as stronger and more trustworthy votes than others, based on the quality of the linking site and the context of the page the link has been placed in.

Generally, in the context of your online competition, pages that have a strong backlink profile compiled of higher quality backlinks tend to have a stronger visibility in the organic search results.

What Makes a Quality Link?

It is important to note that not all links are equal. Generally, a high-quality link is likely to be a link from a relevant site in your industry with healthy search engine metrics.

There are various metrics that aim to signify the relative strength of a page or domain, particularly in relation to whether the linking page or domain is “good” or “bad”. From domain rating to page authority, we have written about these link indicators in detail here.

However, remember that these metrics do not account for relevance, which is hugely important. Google may well view a link from an ultra-relevant page with a PA of 20/100 as being a stronger signal than a link from a non-relevant page with a higher PA of 30/100.

In addition to authority and relevance, there are several other factors to consider when obtaining and weighing up the benefit of a backlink, such as:

  • the position of the link on the page;
  • the anchor text used;
  • what the linking page is about;
  • what the page being linked to is about;
  • whether the link has certain attributes assigned such as ‘nofollow’or ‘sponsored’.

What is an SEO Link Building Service?

The term ‘link building’ is actually quite outdated, as it’s really about providing compelling reasons to attract links rather than ‘building’ them. To get quality links today, you need to engage with relevant sites and journalists to promote your content and your stories. SEO link building services will essentially take this process out of your hands and undertake the work required to achieve links on your behalf.

Sadly, there are still many “link building services” out there that will take the old-fashioned approach. They will likely own a network of sites, have dozens of PBNs (private blog networks) or work with low-quality publishers who will accept payment for a link. The issue with this approach is that Google can see through this, and won’t count the link as a vote of confidence. It’s a bit like paying for a fake review – it’s just bad practice long term.

Our SEO link building service is all about creating original, valuable content that sites will want to link to. Then, doing the hard yards to get that content in front of the relevant sites that will want to link to it. This is the best way to build links – because it meets Google’s guidelines.

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How does your SEO Link Building service work?

Modern SEO link building, otherwise known as digital PR, means creating content for your brand that sites will want to link to. The SEO Link Building service comes in a six-month package. During that time, we create and deliver three big ideas, each one including all the key ingredients necessary to make a great story. Using original data and quality creative, we create stories that relate to your brand, and that journalists want to cover.

Our unique, well-researched content is written specifically to fit the audiences and style of the publications we target. It will include rich media such as photos, infographics, and data-led research to be engaging to readers and valuable to publishers.

In addition to creating original content, we continuously monitor journalist requests, respond to media opportunities to get you quoted as an industry expert in news outlets, and provide additional backlink opportunities.

Every link we acquire is pitched to publishers organically and in a highly targeted way. We don’t just batch, blast and hope for the best – we carefully seek out specific journalists that have a demonstrable reason to be interested in your story.

The majority of our content appears on target sites fully organically (without guest post attribution or sponsored tags). It’s this editorial approach that allows you as a brand to earn relevant links that will help improve your site’s search rankings over time.

Our SEO Link Building Process


We generate unique story ideas to get the attention of journalists in niche, local, national, and international media.

Data Collection

We source quality original data to back up our stories, ensuring the content we create is seen as an authoritative source.

Content Creation

We create high-quality infographics, blog posts, and interactive content on your site so that sites want to link to you.


We put your story in front of hundreds of journalists, targeting relevant, quality publications with effective messaging.


We don’t stop until your website is getting back links from quality sites across the web.

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