International SEO for the largest UK supplier of tattoo and body piercing equipment.

International SEO

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Over 20 new first page rankings

Moved key phrase "tattoo supplies" to the first page

International organic visits risen by 49%



To increase search visibility and organic traffic internationally, including the regions of United Kingdom, France and Germany.


We conducted extensive, country-specific keyword research to identify how people were searching for tattoo supplies in each of the targeted locales.

Using this information and working with in-house language experts, we began optimising content to discuss these search terms in a much more accomplished way.

We enabled Google to better "see and understand" the country-specific subdirectories by correctly specifying hreflang values, reducing duplicate content issues in the process.


Strong ranking improvements in the UK, France and Germany, leading to organic traffic increases in each respective locale. 49% increase in Germany; and a 32% increase in France.

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