Improving the PPC performance of a bearings and power transmissions supplier.

Manufacturing PPC

Manufacturing and industrial industries are synonymous with lagging behind in the adoption of digital marketing, preferring to remain with their "tried and tested" traditional methods. Updating website design, adopting Industrial SEO techniques and increasing visibility in paid and social media can transform the rate your business grows.

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84% increase in revenue

Reduced cost per acquisition

93% increase in conversions


Bearing King is an independent business who specialise in bearings and power transmission products to trade, OEM and aftermarket industries. Their need was to improve on their existing PPC campaign performance, which was just about breaking even based on initial purchases.


Our solution was to first perform an account wide analysis, looking at any weaknesses and potential growth.

As repeat purchases were a focus we used various data sources which harnessed the B2B & B2C “loyal-shopper”, growing returning revenue. We then introduced relevant technological advancements that would enhance performance, such as AI machine learning.

Finally we introduced new channels to appeal to a wider relevant audience, to expand their online customer base and increase new user revenue.


We achieved an 84.2% increase in revenue, with only a 6.3% increase in ad spend. Overall conversions increased 93.2% and there was a decrease in cost per acquisition of 45%.