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Recruitment software

SaaS companies face a constant battle for online visibility and user acquisition. At The SEO Works, we understand the unique challenges faced by SaaS businesses. That's why we use our expertise in digital marketing to build strategic campaigns that drive SaaS companies towards online growth. Take a look at the success stories of some of our valued SaaS clients. We'll demonstrate the challenges we tackled, and the impressive results we achieved together.

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31% organic growth

34% increase in conversions


This brand is a specialist recruitment software provider that helps companies of all sizes manage the entire recruitment process, from attracting talent to onboarding new hires. Their software is used in over 120 countries and processes more than 9 million job applications every year. They briefed us to increase organic user acquisition and engagement on their website.


We implemented a multi-pronged SEO approach. Optimising content including case studies, blog content, and creating new guides about recruitment software. We optimised key pages for featured snippets, and implemented image structured data to improve image search visibility.

We conducted ongoing page speed work and improved mobile optimisation, as well as redirecting numerous defunct pages and fixing broken links. We also identified and pursued link-building opportunities on relevant websites.


By optimising content, addressing technical issues, and building high-quality backlinks, we helped the client achieve impressive organic growth.

Organic user traffic increased by 31.4% year-over-year (YOY).

Organic goal completions, signifying valuable user actions, experienced a 33.78% YOY increase.