What Love Island Can Teach Us About SEO

SEO and Love Island actually have a lot more in common than you might think. They are both premised on building relationships; in Love Island with one another, and in SEO with the customer, the client and search engines.

We take a look at the lessons we can learn from Love Island and apply them to the world of SEO.

Your Type on Paper Doesn’t Always Work

Just as with relationships, when it comes to SEO, there are no set processes to guarantee success. If one strategy worked previously, it doesn’t mean it will work again on a different site, or even on a different page.

SEO is a reactive discipline. Industries and the online space are ever-evolving, and so SEO campaigns need to be too.

When planning your SEO strategy, always make sure to carry out analysis of the search results for key terms, competitor strategies and the intent behind your keyword terms. All of these factors will help to dictate the focus of your campaign.

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If you do not do this, you could find yourself optimising for keywords that are not relevant to the industry, creating the wrong type of content or missing opportunities by being too focused on one thing.

Test, Test, Test

A favourite saying of the love island boys is that a relationship needs to be tested to know if it’s right. Whilst I’m not so sure that is the case, for SEO it’s actually not bad advice!

This links to the above point in that something you expect to work doesn’t always. There is no harm in testing different strategies to see what works best. You could try different meta to see which style ranks highest, different styles of content or different page layouts.

Of course, it isn’t all about ranking either. Conversions are key to a successful SEO campaign. Test different button placements for call to actions, the addition of certain internal links and see how this affects goal completions.

Coupling Up Is the Key to Winning

Whilst we are by no means suggesting that you start a romantic relationship with a client, a professional working relationship can help to move your SEO campaign forward.

When you are working on a site, input from experts within the industry can help to ensure that content is accurate and useful to users. In addition to this, you will more than likely have to liaise with clients to suggest recommendations to the site structure or style, in order to improve user experience.

SEO works best when used in tandem with other marketing techniques, so understanding the goals of the business is important. Having a good relationship with your client helps to ensure that you know when key events are occurring. This could include product launches, a shift in business priorities and more.

Expect a Challenge

What would love island be without the challenges? They are arguably one of the best bits. In SEO, whilst it might not seem like it at the time, those most challenging keyword terms and goals are often the most rewarding.

Ranking first isn’t easy, otherwise everyone would do it. You should expect a good SEO campaign to be challenging if you want to get the best out of it. After working on a site for months and finally seeing those all important results, the hard work will all feel worth it!

Grafting is Essential

Noone has ever progressed in Love Island without at least a little grafting. SEO is the same. Don’t expect your campaign to progress if you’re not willing to put in the work.

You might get frustrated, you might have to spend a long time working on a site before seeing any real results but, with consistent improvements, results will eventually come.

Make Sure You Get To Know Everyone

How many times have we heard the Love Island contestants say they owe it to themselves to get to know everyone? You owe it to your clients to get to know their business, the site and the wider industry.

We’re not saying you have to become an expert; if you have a good relationship with your client you can collaborate with them and use their expertise to improve the site. If you have a good understanding of the business goals and the wider industry however, you can tailor your campaign to match the needs of your client and their customers.

You should also try to familiarise yourself with competitors in the industry and check them frequently. This way you can take note of any major changes they make to the site, any product or services they are highlighting and/or any missed opportunities you can take advantage of.

Moving Mad Isn’t the Answer

Finally, whilst testing is important, moving mad is not a good strategy for SEO. Liam is proving it’s also not a great strategy for Love Island.

When you make changes to a site, search engines need time to recrawl and index pages before the changes will be recognised. This can take days, therefore ranking or traffic improvements may not be seen immediately.

In some cases, improvements may not be seen for a number of weeks. It is important to give your changes time to cement themselves before deciding they were unsuccessful.

So there you have it…Whatever your opinion on Love Island, take note of the lessons it can teach us about SEO.

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